Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part 2

Remember the modified 30 Day Challenge my sister and I have been doing for the past month?
We're done!
I'll be honest, this half I slacked a little. I felt like I was living in my swimsuit more (lifeguard, people!) and dressing up less. But Sarah made up for the days I didn't dress up and then some. 
Here it goes:

Overall, it made me think way more creatively about my closet. I loved having someone to dress up for every day, even if it was my sister in Texas and the people at the store. P.S. did I mention my sister has 3 kids? Yes, she really is that smokin. I know right?

Hooray for being a girl and getting pretty!


  1. Love this idea....maybe I will try it when I am NOT pregnant ;)

  2. Hooray is right sista!!! I love this challenge, I tried to do a similar one (called it my personal wardrobe challenge) but made it a little over two weeks and took a nosedive :( It probably would have been way more helpful to have a buddy do it with me! I def learned so much about my wardrobe and loved that it made me get creative as well. I would love to try it again in the a shopping detox program :) Thank you for the sweet comments on my last post darling! Loving your blog as well!!!

  3. This idea is awesome!! Not only is it a great way to think more creatively with your closet, it helps you get rid of the stuff that just doesn't work anymore - i'd love to try this sometime! New follower!:)

  4. such cute outfits!! Love the wardrobe:) love following