Thursday, June 28, 2012

The 913

Today at work, I got a phone call from a 913 number (Kansas!). My heart did a little flip and I got all excited and homesick while I talked to my fellow area code friend. He asked me if I miss it yet... I guess people just know that Kansas is a place that becomes a part of you fast and never lets go.

There's something about the summer nights, being out in the middle of nowhere listening to the midnight thunder rolling in that will always be my favorite thing in the whole world. 

I could really go for a giant field of these right now:
and catching some of these.
Followed by falling asleep to one of these.
Kansas really is the best state.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Especially mine. Too conceited?
Yesterday I turned 22.
This is the first birthday I've ever had where I'm starting to feel old.
But let's be honest... I still feel like I'm 16. 
And I get told on a regular basis that I still look 16, too, but that's beside the point.
I'm just really glad my husband will act perpetually 16 with me.

Highlights of the weekend included:

Audrey was already in town to party (sleepovers!)
Kyle and Whitney and Dexter surprised me on Saturday night!
Sleeping in
Talking about boys with Audrey
Total spoilage by my fam
$ to shop for our BEACH TRIP

Game night
White chocolate rice crispy treats
Feeding stray kittens tuna (a.k.a. Danielle Heaven)
Flowers from my work

It was perfect!
Can I just say- I love my in-laws so much. 
It totally made the whole weekend to have Kyle and Whitney come party with us and have Audrey in town. 

 Hello, year 22!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Lovin

I love summer.
Last night we went on a late night walk and I'll never get over how much I love warm summer nights (Utah doesn't have them so much, but I was reminded of the warm, stormy nights back home). 
I love rolling down the windows. 
I love that it's easy to wake up when it gets light out before 7 in the morning. 
I love popsicles every day.
I love my birthday (I know it's conceited. Can't help it. 8 days!)
I love swimming.
I love getting tan (not so much happening this year sadly). 
I love not needing to bundle up in my own house.

I also love happy husbands who got the grade they needed on their chemistry finals!

And freshly bleached roots. Best feeling ever!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eye Candy

You're welcome.
(Can you believe he married ME?)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just What the Dr. Ordered

This weekend was perfect. 

After a few weeks of whirlwind company, traveling, and craziness, I got to take it easy for 2 days. This meant sleeping in and taking naps like a champ, perusing Target, watching movies, Pinterest (it was time to catch up people!), cleaning my apartment, therapy sessions with my sister, and hanging out with my boy. I'm feeling much more ready for another work week after a perfect weekend. 

I found these new running shoes for $25 at Target. I know it sounds sketchy, but I've actually loved them so far! I'll let you know how long they hold up, but my fingers are crossed.

And can I say- I'm ADORING this warm weather! In fact- I think it's about time to go out on a walk right about now.

Here's to the weekends!