Thursday, September 22, 2011


My daily schedule as of late:
- Wake up sometime between 8:30 and 10 (and let's be honest. DEFINITELY usually closer to the later side of this time frame).
- Go for a run.
- Make myself presentable.
- Go to work/intern for the day
- Class 2 times a week. I love them both, by the way. Positive psychology and mind/body health. Winners. Take them.
- Zumba classes because I want to get certified to shake it. {Side note about the Zumba thing: HOLY SORE! Love it.}
- Kick it with Trevor.
- Go to bed way too late.

I'm going through one of those phases, you know. Where you want to do everything and be amazing in every way and start cooking dinner for your husband (did I just admit to the world that this is not normal at our house?) and decorate your apartment and be all wifey and have my house clean all the time and get ready every day and make goals about every aspect in life. Anyone ever feel this way? Am I the only one? All you other wifeys probably already have these things on lockdown. And I think I mostly feel this way because I absolutely love my life right now and the way things are. I am happy to have just enough to keep me busy but not enough to be stressed. But then I start getting ideas... I just want to do it all!

One thing at a time, Danielle. One thing at a time!

So old and oh-so-good.

Friday, September 16, 2011

What I Like Today

1. My future house. I've noticed a serious trend in the pictures I save on pinterest for my future house. They all consist of secret hideouts and ladders and forts and various types of swings. And castles in the backyard. Because obviously I will always be 6.

2. Sister Bridget Wood's mission companion called me on the phone today to ask me a question. And yes, I DID hear that wonderful, beautiful girl's voice in the background. It made my whole day!

3. Current candy of choice: Nerds. What? I know.

4. Kittens. I admit it, I'm a cat lady. But honestly!

5. These people:
Holy cute!! Their little skeleton pajamas glow in the dark! I love these three! And their hot mom AKA my sister. I seriously can't get enough of this picture. 

6. Today I ran into Trevor on campus just out of the blue. He was walking to another class and I was on a run off in my own world, and all of a sudden... HUSBAND! I love when that happens.

There's always something to like.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jolly Holiday

Someone tell me why I had the Marry Poppins soundtrack stuck in my head all day yesterday, and I'll change the ridiculous title of this post. Until then...

We LOVED this long weekend! We spent tons of time out of town right after school ended, and before that we are in classes all summer long. Needless to say, we were due for a free and easy weekend with no big plans. Friday afternoon, Trevor and I decided to ditch our responsibilities early and go BOWLING! Trevor gets all tricky with spins... I alternate between gutter balls and spares... and we both left with sore arms (embarrassing). I love my hott hubbs.

Saturday we both worked, but at night we hit up Big 5's labor day sale. 4 man tent for $29? Done. And the big kahuna... we got a blowup raft ($20)! Trevor kept calling it a boat. It was kind of adorable. We decided to go outdoorsy on Labor Day. Monday we went to uncharted territory (aka Payson Lake) and floated around in our raft all afternoon. Way the heck up the mountain, there is a little lake surrounded by mountains and trees and it is gorgeous. It was SO FUN! Trevor paddled us around with the secretly terrible paddles we got/ his hands which were more effective. So romantic :).

Sunday we visited my Grandma and went to a family reunion with her siblings. Minus the fact that we didn't know anyone there, it's always great to see Grandma. She is the best, for real.

And when did fall happen? All of a sudden, it was 75 instead of 92. I mean it's nice... but I refuse to let go of warm weather yet! Please no!
But seriously, not complaining about the beautiful days! I'm ok with being so fresh and clean when I get to  school and work, and not burning when my arm makes contact with my seatbelt.