Sunday, December 30, 2012

3 Years Later

And I love him more every day.
Happy anniversary my darling!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Movie Time

Last week, I finally saw Titanic.
I tried watching it once when I was 12 and got too depressed when the little kid got carried away by the water. 
You know those movies that are so good/moving/intriguing that you think about them for days afterward?
This is totally one of them. It's been in my head for a week! I loved it.

A few weeks before that, it was Warrior. Oh my gosh- so good.
A Beautiful Mind and The Guardian always do the same thing, along with a select few others.
And I have to say- I'm REALLY looking forward to Les Mis! I have a good feeling about that one.

Books do the same thing. Right now I'm caught up in Sarah's Key and I'm completely devouring it. I love it when I find a book like that where I don't have to force myself to finish reading it.
Needless to say, I'm LOVING this vacation time to read and watch movies and just hang out! It's perfect and just what I needed- I seriously cannot stop sleeping these days! Just give me a good book or movie and let me curl up by the space heater and my life is made!

By the way, feel free to tell me all your favorite books and movies, because we all know it's a sad day when you finish a good one!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meanwhile in Siberia

a.k.a. Provo, Utah:
2 days till Las Vegas is all I have to say!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

25 Weeks

Yes- I realize I wrote 24 weeks on the chalkboard, but really I took these an hour ago and I'm almost 26 weeks. Oops.
 This week has been characterized by:
-Bloody noses (weird)
-Kicks and kicks and kicks and flips and dance parties and gymnastics!
-Heartburn that leaves me feeling like my insides are on fire basically all day (in addition to the nausea. My intestines love me right now!)
-Being CRAZY thirsty all the time
-Gradually switching to more power walking and less jogging
-Being told I'm starting to waddle (attractive!)
 -Finding my first stretch mark, which may have actually just been a line from the seam of my clothes because I haven't located it since. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to get stretch marks anyways. Eh. Victory scars!
-Playing "kick daddy" every night. So fun!
-Headaches all the time.
-... remedied by naps all the time!
Otherwise, just stretching and stretching. Whew!
Also plenty of daydreaming about cuddling and squishing my little guy ALL DAY EVERY DAY!
Oh how I LOVE my little buddy!

And we can't wait to go to LAS VEGAS this week for Christmas!!! :) Party at Trevor's house!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Few Things:

1. It's my mother-in-law's birthday today. I love her and she is fabulous in every way. And she raised a GREAT husband for me. Happy birthday Momma H!!!!

2. My abs have split right down the middle. It's weird. I didn't really know that happened. So that's that.

3. I have little to no to negative motivation to work out. This week I've been finally getting my booty on the treadmill at 10 at night... and I think tonight, I'll call it good with some walking. But hey, something is better than nothing I guess.

4. I do, however, have motivation to eat ice cream. And grapefruit. And Indian food which will be fantastic for my heartburn. Not.

5. Trevor finished his last undergraduate class today!!!!!!!

6. I've taken a nap every day this week. And it's been wonderful.

Alright, alright. No more procrastinating. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

23 Weeks!

Well hello there, belly!

How far along? 23 weeks, 5 days

How big is baby? Size of a large mango- 10 ish inches and about 1-1.5 lbs!

Maternity clothes? Low waisted jeans are my friends. Still crossing my fingers that I can get through another month or two wearing my normal pants low like a gangster, buttoning them with a rubber band, and rocking my leggings like I have no shame. I'm carrying really low, though, which makes the whole pants buttoning thing a challenge!

Stretch marks? Hoping to avoid them as much as possible!

Sleep? Like a baby. Anytime, anywhere. Don't doubt my ability to sleep whenever and wherever I desire!

Symptoms? Oh- still sick. Trying to ignore the fact that I'm over 5 months pregnant and still sick. But the doctor says it's ok and not too uncommon, and baby is getting strong and growing great. So I'm taking it a day at a time, and more than anything just happy to have him coming and healthy! I only cry about it like once a week. So that's good right?

I also have total pregnancy brain. "I just want to read my tomato" and "I'm going to go fold the window"... best my brain can do apparently. And I only have to have people repeat assignments at work like 50% of the time... so there's that.

Best moment last week? Baby gymnastics practice every night before bed. He LOVES showing off!

Movement? ALWAYS! I watch my belly move all day long. So entertaining. He especially enjoys kicking my bladder.

Food cravings? Raspberry Creamies. Also yogurt is back on my list of tolerable foods! Sadly, probably never again my beloved cherry flavor. But blackberry? That I can do. Basically, anything anti-heartburn, since I basically feel like my throat is on fire all day every day.

Food aversions? Asian food. Mexican food. Indian food. Essentially, food with flavor.

Gender? BOY BOY BOY!!!

Labor signs? Just a growing belly for now!

Belly button in/out? In, but starting to stick out on top. I think my days of an innie are numbered.

What I miss: This answer will be exactly the same every time I do this survey: I miss zero things about not being pregnant. Any day of headaches and puking and exhaustion is better than a day of feeling great and not being able to get this baby on the way!

What I am looking forward to: Appointment this week! Love checking up on this little guy!

Milestones: I feel like my belly has pretty much tripled in size in the last 3 weeks. Which I'd say is a pretty remarkable milestone :). I'm loving that I get to show the bump off every day!

Life is good! :)