Tuesday, November 15, 2011

High School

Oh high school :)

For part of my health internship, I have been working with some fitness for life classes at the high school recently. It is a blast. The girls are so fun and it brings me back to the halls of Olathe South (go falcons!). Also it makes me remember all those um, special things about high school. I'm not kidding, I was walking down the hall the other day and felt that feeling of social pressure flood right back into me. And let's be honest, at 5'1 and 21 years old I could pass for a high school girl no sweat.

Do my bangs look weird? Do these girls think I'm old and boring? Are these pants socially acceptable to the 15-18 year old population? Did that guy just check me out? (Nothing like being a month away from your second anniversary and having people still try to ask you out and set you up with their brother on a semi regular basis). Avoid eye contact...

It made me wonder just how socially awkward I've become in the past four years. Or maybe I was always a total nerd and just didn't know it?

And now I'm the boring old lady who goes home and hangs out with her husband at night (which is my favorite thing ever thankyouverymuch!) and talks to her mom and sister almost daily. Hopefully the 16 year olds don't know that they intimidate me. Shh. Don't tell them and maybe they will think I'm cool.

Love love love these three!

Also met this guy (hubs!) during high school. At least our weirdness is mutual :)


  1. I love that you met your husband in high school!
    It's funny, sometimes I find these high school girls intimidate me which is just ridiculous... I guess the insecurities girls feel will never leave, no matter what our age is :)

  2. Oh high school and the insecurities I used to have back then. I went to my high school a couple weeks ago to visit an old teacher. Walking down those halls definitely brought back a lot of memories. Funny thing is before I went to visit my school I checked myself out to make sure I looked alright, knowing well enough that I didn't have anyone my age there. Lol.

  3. Ahh soo cute high school sweethearts! My husband and I are too :) so fun! I'm now following you too :)

  4. don't worry, i'm one of those lame people that loves to spend every second of the day with my hubby. adore!
    xo TJ