Monday, October 28, 2013

Party in Austin

Big developments in the Hansen home:

We got kitchen chairs! Yes. After living in our home for 5 months, we finally sprung for some folding kitchen chairs at Target. $30 each. Totally worth the wait though... these things are the best!
 Milo loves popsicles. He and Trevor share them every day and Milo gets really mad if Trevor doesn't share. They have a great system worked out. Milo sucks out the juice, Trevor bites off the ice. Repeat.
 Those. Cheeks. We love the swings!
 This weekend, we went to Trevor's uncle's house in Austin for a cousin extravaganza. I love me a good family get together! The weather was gorgeous and Austin was beautiful. Who knew it was so hilly? Probably lots of people. Nonetheless, it was great. Highlights of the weekend were meeting baby Ellie and seeing Jacob after his mission! We are so glad uncle Jacob is home!
 Milo was so NOT into sleep this weekend. He is too much of a party animal.
 Family pictures!
 Uncle Jacob and Milo were instant bff's.
 Mmmmm babies.
 The brothers reunited! (We missed you, Tyler and Audrey and Poppa H!)
 Milo sleeps with his animals now. I melt.
 My mother in law is a total fox. Down 75 lbs since March! She looks AMAZING! Love her.
 Happy, happy boy after church. 
Now excuse me while I continue to enjoy late October and early November in Texas. High 70's and rain. I love this place!

Monday, October 14, 2013

I Love October in Texas

It's true. Texas so far is everything I ever wanted in a climate. We are loving keeping the windows open 24/7, going for walks every day, and the fall rain that we've been having. Trevor started mowing lawns in our apartment complex so Milo and I like to go find him in the afternoons. It's fun and we feel sneaky. Also sometimes it's the only way I can get Milo to take a nap in the early evening. This stroller has magic powers!

We also have an awesome little park right across the cul de sac from our apartment. Milo officially LOVES swinging!
This weekend, we did a quick trip up to Dallas to go visit my sister and her family. She is giving me another perfect nephew in about 6 weeks and Milo just can't wait to meet his new BFF.

We love visiting Madison and Jaxon at school for lunch:
 And Colton is always happy when his favorite uncle Jungle Gym comes to town:
Of course we had to hit up the pumpkin patch for Milo's first Halloween season...

 And we went to a Dallas soccer game. The best part was gabbing with my sister the whole time. You'd think we don't spend an hour on the phone almost every day... 
 Also, Sarah found us a crib and changing table at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Milo is officially graduating from his pack and play!!! We love it!!! So worth driving back from Dallas criss cross in the front seat jammed against a crib!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Healthy Mommy Happy Baby: Part 2

Remember this post when I talked about body image and health and being a healthy mom and not obsessing about looking perfect while I do it? Time for an update!

All 3 of us have been getting on such a better schedule together, and it is doing wonders. It helps me so much to get to bed at a good time, know that Milo takes about 2 naps plus a little catnap a day, and eats around certain times. We're not rigid by any means, but we do have a rough routine. Milo knows what to expect and I'm way more able to get things done!
Sometimes, though, he falls asleep on our night walk at 7:45 p.m. and as much as I don't want to let him take a nap that late I just... :)
I also put up the scale. I do not enjoy admitting that at many times in life, I've spent way too much time and energy caring about what I look like and obsessing over the number staring back at me. I will always care about health. I will always care to look good and put effort into staying in shape and being healthy, and I will never let myself go. Exercise and nutrition will always be important to me and a big part of my life, because in order to function at my best, I need to feel good about my health and the way I'm taking care of my body. That being said, it didn't take me long after having Milo to realize that going to extremes for vanity is something I so do not have time for. So here are my conclusions:
Milo the yoga master cares about health, too.
I need to find my body's healthy set point and stay there. And I need to be comfortable in my own skin at that point!

I refuse to be the mom who never bakes cookies with her children.

My kids will be raised seeing a good example of living well and dedicating time to staying healthy without letting it take away from more important things like rolling around on the floor getting drooly kisses.

This set point needs to be one I can maintain relatively easily by exercising almost every day and eating a clean diet that still includes candy in moderation :).

Confidence comes from knowing I'm taking good care of myself and can realistically maintain it.

So after being totally depleted following my pregnancy, I've put on a good 15 lbs. and I'm feeling very at peace with that. I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies and whole foods (this book has taught me a ton about nutrition already- thanks for the rec, Tracy!) and I'm also not denying myself of everything good because what kind of way is that to live??
Also, cleaning. After 3 and a half years of marriage, I'm simultaneously embarrassed and thrilled to announce that I'm finally on a good cleaning schedule. Vacuuming, laundry, dishes, sweeping and mopping, cleaning bathrooms... they're all happening regularly! Hallelujah!!! And I feel SO much better in a house that's at least somewhat put together. Lived in, but tidy enough.

So essentially, I'm not 16 years old with a ridiculous metabolism anymore so I have to work for it if I want to stay in shape, and I'm a wife and a mom who cares about being on a decent schedule and cleaning. Someone tell me when I got so old and boring? :)

And for the record, I am very in love with my old and boring life :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life Lately

Ever since we got back in town, we have been BUSY!
Lots of work for me. Lots of scooting for Milo. Lots of exams for Trevor.

Needless to say, in the evenings, we've been going on lots of walks (especially because sometimes it's the only way I can get Milo to take a nap in the early evening so he doesn't get sleepy at 7 and then stay up till 10... 30... :). Besides, Milo really needs to just put his feet up sometimes.

This boy!!! He has entered such a fun stage this last few weeks. He is crazy mobile. He smiles about everything. He follows us around. He pulls himself up on things now (and then falls over). He is SO curious and interactive. Every stage he enters, I love it. And then he enters a new one, and I love it. He is definitely keeping me on my toes, this one!

We had one day of fall, last Saturday. It was beautiful and rainy. Then it got super hot again and I've been spending the afternoons sweating it out in the apartment. But the evenings and mornings are gorgeous!

Did I mention we started Insanity? Let's just say it was appropriately named and it makes me feel better about all the Halloween candy and cinnamon captain crunch I've been eating. Me and my sweet tooth. For the love.

Aaaanyway :)