Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watch Out, Sylvester Stallone.

We were boxers. 

Boxers in love, of course



We had a liiiittle boxing match...

This is what I got for throwing the first hit.

Not as bad as it looks, I promise you.

Our masterful black eyes, courtesy of some old dance team eyeshadow and lipstick.

My love Kanani!

Beyonce and Jay-Z

The most loving boxer in all the land. 

Just... the normal.

I love Trevor...

He loves me...

We are a happy family.  

The end!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Here We Go Again

This is why I love this week:
*It's my Dad's BIRTHDAY today! He is 50, and the greatest Dad in all the land!!
*My cousin Mia and my BFF Bridget are getting their MISSION CALLS this week!!
*Halloween is quickly approaching= PUMPKIN CARVING!.. and hunting for an excuse to dress up this weekend.
*Rainy days

Unfortunately, this is what I'm not so fond of this week:
*3 exams, 2 papers. Ew.
*It's all of a sudden REALLY cold. (I like the rain, I dislike the cold.)

However, it was prefaced with a fabulous weekend of:
*Movie nights with my man
*Some perfect, gray, rainy days which I love
*Chili night with Grandma!
*How to Train Your Dragon. Loved it.

And in the near future, I'm REALLY excited about:
*THANKSGIVING IN DALLAS! My whole family will be there... it will be magical. I cannot wait.
*Christmas in Las Vegas! My first Christmas away from my home, but my first Christmas with my new fam whom I love :)
*Decorating for Christmas with my hubby (AND OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS TOGETHER! Love it!)
*Taking my kids to the pumpkin patch (ok, not-so-near future... but still pumped for it)
Happy Monday To You :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Glory Days

Did I mention that I don't have class on Fridays? {did I mention that multiple times?}
So this morning, I woke up rather late, went for a run {my goal: 5 miles a day, 6 days a week, all semester long. Haven't missed one yet!}
Came home and showered, 
Dried my hair,
Drank a WHOLE bunch of water... and a whole bunch more {sometimes being thirsty and drinking tons of water is the most delicious thing I have ever heard of. Especially in the middle of the night... mmmm}
Trevor came home from class so I got to see that studly man,
Then I laid in bed again and watched half an episode of Friday Night Lights {my new fave, thank you Netflix}
Now maybe I'll clean the bathroom,
Or hang up my laundry, {I have a nasty habit of getting clothes out when I'm deciding what to wear and changing my mind and not hanging them up again}
Or vacuum,
Or study,
Or watch Friday Night Lights again {highly likely}...
But either way, I don't have to be anywhere until 6 tonight, and I'm absolutely loving it.
Sometimes a nice lazy fall afternoon is so good for the soul.
Especially after an endless week of midterms.
These, my friends, are the glory days.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The newest updates on our life as of lately:

We turned our heater on!
Just today. It was getting SO cold in our apartment all of a sudden (62 degrees this morning! I am such a wimp about the cold... but HELLO!) and it WORKS! It's off again now because we're cheap... but at least now we know that it does a way good job taking the cold away from home sweet home.

We are going to be Uncle Trevor and Aunt Danielle again!
Our sister-in-law (Trevor's brother Kyle's wife Whitney) is PREGO! And the best part is that they only live about an hour away... so we will be close! She is due in April and we are so excited for them and for our new baby niece or nephew!

Our shower has exactly 2 temperatures.
The first is scalding hot. The second is freezing cold. It's very exciting. A millimeter of movement in either the hot or cold direction makes the water change to that respective extreme. And don't even think about flushing the toilet or running the faucet while someone is showering. 

We love Aunt Jill and Uncle Steve.
This weekend, they were in Provo for homecoming weekend (diehard BYU fans regardless of how the football season is going!). We walked around Provo, they came and saw our apartment, took us to dinner twice, and were just plain good to us. We feel so loved and spoiled and it's so fun being taken care of by an adult sometimes! And they are SUCH fun people. 

I have made a new discovery.
FREEZE YOUR GRAPES! It is so ridiculously good. My children will be so healthy because they will want to eat delish frozen grapes every day instead of candy (yeah right). 

Our life is EXCITING! Trust me :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I LOVE summer.
However: although I am always sad to see summer go, I will admit that I'm secretly excited for fall to be here.

For these reasons:

Red and orange leaves
Cloudy days
Cold noses
Holding cold hands
Hot chocolate
Walks with jackets
The library
Brisk morning runs
Halloween! (Caramel candy corns... mmm)
Car heater up, windows down (inefficient I know.)
Red cheeks

I think fall is SO romantic. 
School is getting busy... exams all week... lots of studying to do...
And I've learned that Trevor is WAY. better at school and taking exams than me.
When I don't want to do homework, I do things like clean the house and watch Friday Night Lights (which also makes me feel good about fall).
Oh that boy... he's good at everything and I love him.

And I end with some memories of LAST fall (since I have no pictures of this fall yet because it basically just started today):
The day we registered at Target

Engagement picture day!