Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tantrums and Toddlers

Oh dear... it's happening. My sweet, happy, perfect baby-turned-toddler has feelings that are just too big for him to know what to do with. Apparently, the natural response is to a) squat and yell with hands in fists, b) hit/throw something/someone, or c) flail all appendages. And I'm all sitting here like, what do I do with that? 

Clearly this isn't an OK way to act, but I get it. I do. Sometimes when I'm frustrated I want to do all of those things too, and he hasn't learned a better way to deal with it yet (aka screaming into pillows- er- patience). Milo is still too little to grasp time out quite yet, and my gentle reminders of "Milo, ask nice! Milo, say please!" are taking about as gradually as molasses.

So what's a momma to do? What's the best way to help your toddler learn some discipline and not turn out entitled while still making sure they know that you're sensitive to their feelings and needs? How do you start teaching this to someone who's vocabulary doesn't stretch beyond an arsenal of about 15 discernible words? Tell me all your secrets!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


My absence last week can be described by one thing: the beach (aka Heaven). We went to Galveston and stayed in a beach condo with some friends last week and it was perfect. Despite what I've heard about Galveston (that the beaches aren't so great and it's nasty/dirty etc), we loved it. I was so pleasantly surprised. Mid October is officially the best time to do Galveston (not that I've ever been at a different time :)) and it was a really perfect place for little ones because:
- It was still warm enough to swim in the water (which is warm!)
- The beach was shallow and there was tons of soft sand for Milo to dig in all day long
- Low tourist season= super cheap condo rentals!
- It wasn't crowded at all. We got to do everything we wanted to without having to deal with any traffic, which is definitely my idea of a good vacation.
- We got basically the entire beach to ourselves.

We hit up the beach, aquarium, and a ferry ride, and I ran along the beach every morning and watched the sunrise. So cliche, but you really can't beat a sunrise beach run, can you?!

My brother and his wife came for a day from Houston and brought their new baby Zoey! I love her.

Sunrise... I could handle this view every day!
He fell asleep during the fairy ride. Equal to heaven.
Loved having a family vacation finally. And then yesterday it was back to work/school/life. And today I clean. Yahoo! :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

20-Minute Family Pictures

I've been waiting for the perfect occasion to take family pictures. And then on Saturday, I was all, this is dumb. Let's put on some clothes and snap a few shots by the lake. So we grabbed our tripod and camera and headed out. It took all of 20 minutes and it has me fully convinced that we need to do this way more often. We don't coordinate, we're not in any special family pose, our hair isn't perfect, and we're not in the best shape of our lives and therefore ready for the perfect picture day, but gosh, I love my family and I'm glad we can document our life.

This one doesn't count. I just love Milo. And he loves this book. And he doesn't love pictures.
 This is what happens when Trevor doesn't know how the self timer works.
 This is my whole heart.
 And my sweet, sweetest boy.

Moral of this story: Take. More. Family. Pictures. It does not have to be a photoshoot. Just take some pictures!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sometimes in Life

... you get the crazy stomach flu. And a head cold. And your period. All back to back. All the same week as your sister. This is twilight zone stuff. And I don't mess around when it comes to the flu, either. I'm down and out for at least a full 24 hours, puking every 45 minutes, passing out intermittently. It's bad. Thankfully Trevor was able to come home early and Milo slept in late on the worst day- whew! Don't know what I would have done otherwise. Needless to say, I'm just about back to normal and feeling amazing (pounding head, sore everything, and churny stomach are 3 symptoms I can easily handle after all the crazy). Now let's all keep our fingers crossed that this lovely disease passes over my boys.

So I have 3 things.
1) I think Milo knew I needed extra love and an extra good day when I was the sickest. He slept in, played by himself pretty well (I was helpless- it was all I could do to hand him a tortilla and banana for breakfast). He also took a super long nap (this boy is a champ. 3.5 hours no problem on the regular). And he gave me extra loving. Love him.
 2. I'm officially in love with my loom. I'm an old spinster lady and I'm not afraid to say it. I get to weave whatever the heck I want into this blank canvas and after way too many failed attempts at sewing, knitting, painting, and a ton of other things, it's the perfect art medium for me.
 3. Ninja turtle slippers. I have no self control when it comes to ninja turtle slippers for tiny feet apparently (and let's talk about how whenever I want stuff for Milo- such as the dump truck pictured below- they have to call the back. Um, yes, I'm looking for some ninja turtle slippers please? Size small? Yes, we will have those right out to you, ma'am).
Happy Friday loves. Rest up and enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Letters

Dear poor neglected blog, I'm back for you. Apologies- things got a little busy last week when we gained 5 children overnight.
Dear Milo, you are a dream. Also please do not put pens in your ears.
Dear Texas, please get the memo. It is October, not summertime on the face of the sun.

Dear Halloween, whoever invented you was a genius. A holiday centered around dressing up and candy is totally my thing.

Dear Trevor, thanks for promising to help make my/our life dreams happen, and for cleaning my car last week. You totally speak my love languages.

Dear medication, you have been making me have basically one long hot flash for like 3 days straight. This is getting absurd.

Dear Pretzel Chips, you are taking pretzels to a whole new level, and I like it.

Dear Shellac manicure, I'm really excited about the fact that I had my nails done on Saturday and I have not one chip to speak of. This is unreal!
Dear HEB, thank you for having a $10 off sale on your diapers today. That was awesome.

Dear hair, I've spent the last 3 months trying to bring your back to life after a summer of bleach abuse. Minimal washing, maximum conditioning, very little heat styling, the works. This week, you are getting a dye touch up and a fresh cut and I am so. Excited. To wear my hair in different ways than a ponytail again.

Dear Milo, I'm sorry we waited for so long to get you a new carseat. It's just that you're so little. And you still fit in the infant carrier and were within the size limits. But now you have a new car throne and your little feet don't rub against the backseat anymore.

XO, Danielle