Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1 More Month

Milo is only going to be 1 for one more month. I realized on Sunday that it was the month-away-from-2 mark and almost had a minor heart attack. Honestly though, I think I'm coping better with 2 than I did with 1. He acts like a 2 year old, talks like a 2 year old, plays like a 2 year old, and he hasn't really been a baby for quite a while. And I am really, really enjoying my big boy. As much as I miss the baby phase- oh I miss that baby phase- there is so much good about the toddler thing. So we're wrapping our heads around it and loving it all.

I keep finding Milo in various levels of nudity because he learned a new trick called taking off his clothes and diaper. I'm actually amazed it took him this long (and still in shock that he hasn't started climbing out of his crib yet (and now I've jinxed it)) so now I get to redo one of the top 3 most difficult tasks of the day over and over (right up there with getting in and out of the car).

He wakes up every morning asking for kickies (Kix) and nanas. At least he's decisive about breakfast. And then of course I pull out my cottage cheese and he wants that instead. And I'm all muahaha protein!

He wants to walk all by himself at the store. The only problem here is that he doesn't want to hold my hand, or stay close to me, or sit in the cart. So I'm somewhat at a loss, but I'm sure we'll figure something out eventually. Right now my solution is chocolate.

All things trains/cars/airplanes make this boy light up like you wouldn't believe. He sees big trucks in the parking lot and "vroom vrooms" at them, and when we were in Kansas and he got to ride in the truck, you would have thought it was Christmas.

He is the definition of all boy. Always dirty, always wanting to go outside, throwing, running, jumping... I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do with a girl at this point.

He loves doing his nursery songs, dancing, and singing little songs. OH it melts my heart.

He's big enough to have feelings now, and every day is about making sure he knows I love him because even when he doesn't act like his feelings are hurt, I know he needs to feel secure and safe and loved. I went in and looked at him last night and just hoped and prayed that he knows how much he's loved. One thing I do love about the toddler thing is that he can love me and be my buddy back, which is pretty fulfilling after him not being able to respond much when he was tiny.

As unfairly fast as the transition from baby to toddler went, I'm trying everything I can to just focus on my big boy, right now. I'll never get those days back, and I'll never get these days back. The best we can do is love them all, which he makes pretty easy. Never could have known how full this boy would make my heart.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Coming Home

I always like going on vacation, but if I'm being completely honest, I kind of love the coming home part just the tiniest bit more. Milo and I got back in town Saturday night, spent all day Sunday in a whirlwind of recovery, and today has been magical. Back to our regular routine, which beginning about 23 months ago became the only way I can function (and- 23 MONTHS?! Oh my. Make that boy slow down). I ran, we played, he napped, I cleaned, we worked, we shopped, we bathed, and it was so good to be back to it. I'm glad I like my life enough to be excited to get back to the normal. Goodness knows I needed that break, and I loved every second of that week off. I slept in every day, napped with Milo every afternoon, and we hid inside from the cold and watched the beginning race scene of cars way too many times.

The miracle of the world was that nobody sat by us on any of our 4 flights. I don't really think you can ask for a better flying experience than that. Right? Amazing.

A few things:
Milo is terrible at saying Airplane. He says "Amie!" But he loves the things.
He calls cars "mooom moooms" and makes car noises at every big truck he sees. Semi trucks are choo choos.
He loves books.
He likes to pull on me and say, "mon!" (come on) and it basically melts your heart. We play follow a lot.
When he gets in the car, he says "church?" So thankfully that hopefully means he's warming up to nursery?
He loves to dance. He brings me my phone and says "dance?" all the time so I'll turn on music.
He loves to help me cook. It's really easy to cook with an almost 2 year old ;)
Still naps like a champ. YES.
He loves corn dogs. Does it make me a failure of a mother if I feed my child corn dogs? Whatever. He eats bananas and cheese too so we're totally good.
He loves to jump and spin.
He circles his little arms so we will sing "do as I'm doing" and then he goes really fast, and really slow with shifty side eyes. I cannot contain myself when he does it. Hilarious. He also loves head shoulders knees and toes and he mostly just does squats the whole time.

Please can I never ever forget a thing?! Except for the screaming phase. I don't mind if I forget that one.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Having a Ball

(By some miracle nobody was next to us on either flight. God loves me.)

Milo and I got to my parents' house in Kansas on Saturday afternoon, and let me tell you that I am taking full advantage of a completely lazy week away from it all. I've slept in every day, taken a nap with Milo every afternoon, done absolutely zero work, and haven't run once. It's been so, so long since I just took a whole week off from everything, and I think it's just what I needed! We have been going nonstop for months- maybe even years-, and it's nice to have some days with just me and my boy and no agenda besides playing trains, watching Cars, and visiting friends. 
So here's to you, my full week off. I will soak every second of you in until we hit the ground running again next week!