Monday, November 28, 2011

Running Shoes

I need help.

I've never been super picky about what shoes I run in. I don't have foot or knee problems or arch issues, so I haven't worried too much about getting shoes with amazing support. I also don't follow any "switch out your shoes every {insert number} miles" rule. I'm sure someday I'll learn from my mistakes, but for now, I basically just care that they are cute and not too clunky. 

Remember when I got these shoes back in March? I bought them knowing that I would be using them every day but hoping that they would be pretty durable. Much to my dismay, I noticed that the fabric was thinning in the summer and now they are totally disintegrating. 

GIANT hole by my pinkie toe. My toe sticks out of it.
The green is the insole. They are even ripping down the sides.
I do realize that some wear and tear is unavoidable, but I wasn't expecting to be needing new shoes again quite so soon. Now my entire toe sticks out the side and they are just going to get worse. I'll probably keep using them until they totally fall apart on me, but their expected life from here is pretty short.

My question: What is your favorite kind of running shoes? 

These are Nike's Free Run and I love how lightweight and comfortable they are, but don't love how fast they have gotten all torn up. I promise I don't drag my feet across the cement when I run. I wouldn't mind if my next shoes are a little heavier (hopefully this means more sturdy!) but not much.

So, best type of running shoes? Ready, go!


Saturday, November 26, 2011


Over these:

Today I had my first experience at DSW. I know. I think I'm in love. This short girl loves herself a good pair of killer heels.

And THIS skirt!

$7.80 at F21. Black and white striped. Stretchy. Matches everything. Dressy or casual. 

Shopping with the sister in law today was a good decision!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps

60+ degree weather, empty mornings, and late nights... and it feels oh, so good.
Loving this holiday weekend!
Other highlights thus far include pomegranates fresh of the tree, golf in the sun, tennis extravaganza, lots of time with family, and pretty 10 layer jello. I just can't get enough.
More details to come. 
For now, I am so thankful to be here with people I love.
Hooray for Thanksgiving and the holiday season kickoff!

My food baby. Oh yum.

Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part 2

Remember the modified 30 Day Challenge my sister and I have been doing for the past month?
We're done!
I'll be honest, this half I slacked a little. I felt like I was living in my swimsuit more (lifeguard, people!) and dressing up less. But Sarah made up for the days I didn't dress up and then some. 
Here it goes:

Overall, it made me think way more creatively about my closet. I loved having someone to dress up for every day, even if it was my sister in Texas and the people at the store. P.S. did I mention my sister has 3 kids? Yes, she really is that smokin. I know right?

Hooray for being a girl and getting pretty!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Like to Party + Sore + Thanksgiving Week!

In my world, birthdays are a pretty big deal. An ENTIRE day to celebrate someone and nothing else? Count me in.

Stop 1: Tucanos. The most amazing salad bar I have ever been to. Even the waiter was surprised that I was able to fit that much food in me. Oops. Trevor was able to satisfy his manly meat craving and we left stuffed and happy.

Next up was a movie marathon. We finally checked all the movies off the list Trevor has been making in his head for months. Over the course of the weekend, we watched Fast Five (side note: I LOVE the fast and furious movies!! What? I'm so much more of a chick flick person. But those movies are so good!) Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (not as magical as the first, but still good) and Green Lantern.

Naptime: because nobody can underestimate the power and joy of an amazing nap.

Brownies: Trevor's favorite of course! Accompanied by sparkling apple cider.

And now Trevor has officially graced the earth with his presence for 24 years. Lucky world!
Dinner at Grandma's tonight
Other news:

Last week I taught the high school girls again, and we did this circuit workout:
Via This Fabulous Blog
We repeated the circuit 3 times and doubled the reps the second two times. And OH. MY. SORE. P90X Danielle from 3 months ago's booty got kicked. Cardio-wise I was fine, but my shoulders and legs have been sore for three days. It was so fun though... I love teaching those girls!

My little brother Seth is here for Thanksgiving! So glad to have him here. It's going to be a good week. Vegas bound on Tuesday- goodbye frozen Utah and hello warmth and family in law!

P.S. Today was the last day of the 30 day challenge. Pictures coming soon of Part 2!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday

To my dearest, darlingest, wonderful husband!
Dear Trevor, 
Hey old guy (24)! You are hott. You make every day great. I love you more than anything and you are the best thing that ever happened to me! Thank you for starting my day off with a kiss every morning, and ending every day with a kiss goodnight. Thank you for opening my doors, even in the car. Thank you for holding my hand when we walk. And talking to me for hours about anything in the world. And keeping the car filled. And for being goofy with me. Thank you for putting your arm around me in church. And taking my side. And keeping me safe. Thank you for doing the dishes for me when they are gross (slash all the time). Thank you for making me laugh all. the. time. Thank you for wrestling with me. And for laughing at me. And loving me. And being happy and fun and good. Thank you for smelling delicious. And for working so hard. Thank you for making me want to be better. Thank you for being all kinds of wonderful. I love love love you and it's going to be a great day. You are my everything and I am the luckiest girl in the world! 

Love, Wifey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

High School

Oh high school :)

For part of my health internship, I have been working with some fitness for life classes at the high school recently. It is a blast. The girls are so fun and it brings me back to the halls of Olathe South (go falcons!). Also it makes me remember all those um, special things about high school. I'm not kidding, I was walking down the hall the other day and felt that feeling of social pressure flood right back into me. And let's be honest, at 5'1 and 21 years old I could pass for a high school girl no sweat.

Do my bangs look weird? Do these girls think I'm old and boring? Are these pants socially acceptable to the 15-18 year old population? Did that guy just check me out? (Nothing like being a month away from your second anniversary and having people still try to ask you out and set you up with their brother on a semi regular basis). Avoid eye contact...

It made me wonder just how socially awkward I've become in the past four years. Or maybe I was always a total nerd and just didn't know it?

And now I'm the boring old lady who goes home and hangs out with her husband at night (which is my favorite thing ever thankyouverymuch!) and talks to her mom and sister almost daily. Hopefully the 16 year olds don't know that they intimidate me. Shh. Don't tell them and maybe they will think I'm cool.

Love love love these three!

Also met this guy (hubs!) during high school. At least our weirdness is mutual :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today, I'm thankful for a God who knows me personally and takes care of me every second of every day.

I've been feeling a little bit in a funk lately.

Recently I had a really important relationship in my life change a lot, and I'm having a hard time coping with it. My Grandma has also been in and out of the hospital a couple of times lately. I've gotten really close with her since living in Utah and just worry that she is alone and in pain. It makes me sad to see her have any kind of health scare or sadness in her life. To top it off, I want to be a mom so badly and it just isn't happening for us quite yet.

I'm so not trying to throw myself a pity party here, just explaining why it's been a little bit of a rough patch lately. Thank goodness for Trevor knowing what to do and how to take care of me. Have I mentioned recently that my husband is my best friend and perfect soul mate? I know that my problems are so minor compared to the ones so many people in this world have. You really never know what some people are going through. And I feel selfish for letting the sad things get to me when I have so much to be happy about all the time. I also know that I'm sensitive about things, which can't be helping the fact that I feel a hole in my heart and think about babies 24/7 and can't get through a phone call with my grandma without bawling.

Today at church, I felt like every word that was said went directly into my soul. It was all perfect and just what I needed to hear. On top of that, I was able to talk to some people who were the exact people I needed to talk to. I feel so much more peaceful than I have for a few days, and I know it's all blessings from God who loves me and knows exactly what I need to hear and who I need to talk to. I've been feeling the love all day long.

Please excuse my sob story. I honestly don't think my problems are any worse than anyone else's, I just know that sometimes I have a hard time dealing with things. Mainly I just want to say:

God knows me and loves me and is so aware of me always.

I can do hard things.

And the one I'm still working on accepting is that everything will happen in His time. He knows our lives so much better than we do, and things will happen when it's right. I just have to trust in His timing and that He knows best.

And again, thank goodness for husbands and friends and family that make everything sunnier!

Friday, November 11, 2011

2 Questions:

First: How do you feel about ombre hair? 
I'll be honest, when I first learned what it was, I thought it looked a little like roots let go for way too long. But I think it's growing on me... yes? No? It would be a good solution to not wanting to keep up with roots anymore.

Second: is it too early to decorate for Christmas?
This one I don't care quite as much what the answer is. My Christmas music has been on for over a week and the tree is coming out tomorrow. LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!! And I can't wait to make the amazing crafts I see all over pinterest all the time!! Prepare to be glitterized, house.

Speaking of pinterest, a few of my favorites recently:
Totally doing this someday.

I would wear these every day.

Making this! Not brown though. 
Everything in my apartment MAY be in danger of being spray painted.

My little girls will probably live in tutus.

t+d :)