Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Photo Dump

We just got home early this morning from a lovely drive across the nation from Kansas to Utah. Nothing to make you feel fabulous like sitting in a car for 20 hours after a week of Thanksgiving food! Add to that the pregnant girl puking in gas station grocery bags in the backseat (yes- still sick- no- don't want to talk about it!) and stopping to pee every hour and you've got a real party on your hands.

Honestly though, my brothers and husband were saints about it and didn't make me feel bad once. Not to mention they took great care of me the whole way. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

Driving day aside (which was actually relatively comfortable as road trips go in my brother's new big car!), we had a blast in Kansas this past week!

A lovely round of the haha game... which will always be funny.
Trevor is a human jungle gym
I got to see my high school diving coach and one of my best friends from high school- so fun! 
My mom whipped up this PERFECT baby quilt and 2 receiving blankets with coordinating burp cloths. Love it!
We went to Kaleidoscope at Crown Center one day. It brought back tons of memories from when I was little. Best part: it's FREE!
My sister's fabulous rolls. SO good.
Garrett and Heidi's wedding reception. Siblings!
We like taking prom pictures.
He's cute. 

Seth and his girlfriend Shelby. We love her!
Me and my cuddle bugs.

Trevor and Colton are best friends.
This is really how Colton sleeps. Could he be any cuter?
Thanksgiving grocery shopping time!
Colton and his aunts. We love him!
My hot sister and me at Crown Center
Worst game of Rummikub ever. We went zero times.
Me and my guy!
I also got to see my drill team girls from high school. So sad we didn't take a picture! Love them (and we missed Caitlin)!

Now we're back and ready to go- at least for 3 more weeks till Christmas! Trevor has 9 days of classes left in his undergraduate career. Can we get a hallelujah!

In other (big) news... Trevor got his first PT school acceptance letter this week! HOORAY!!! SUCH a good feeling to know he's in somewhere (not that I ever doubted that smart guy). It's in San Angelo, Texas and he really liked the school! We'll see... the next months will be exciting!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

21 Weeks!

So, today's big event is really that my guy is a quarter of a century old today! But we still have some celebrating to do and pictures to take, so that update will come later. Right now we're loving some time with my family in Kansas! 

Originally, Trevor and Garrett and Heidi weren't coming until Wednesday, but they were able to make it in last night. The longer I'm married to Trevor the more I love having him around... I was so glad they came earlier than they planned! Nothing is as fun without him here.

For now, here's a little update on my little buddy:
He's getting strong! I can actually see my belly moving when he kicks and I love it. Every kick is like a little secret between me and him. If you're talking to me and I suddenly start smiling ear to ear, that's why.

Nausea is declining at about the same rate as heartburn is increasing. I feel WORLDS better than I did even just a month ago, but I may be one of those girls who is sick through her whole pregnancy. Nasty and not that fun, but totally worth it my friends!
My skin is clear. This is basically the only pregnancy symptom I got the good version of. So you have to just let me have this one :).

I'm still running (okay, jogging)! I'm talking a 10 minute mile pace and walking breaks whenever my heart desires. But I still make it 5 miles a day, and I feel great about that. We'll see how long that lasts.

Still craving cottage cheese and oranges like no tomorrow. There are worse things, right? 

He likes to practice his flips right before bed. And sometimes he's still doing them when I wake up. Love it.

We've decided to decorate boat/fish/nautical themed. Red and blue and stripes and anchors and I'm in love with it! My mom and sister and I made the. Cutest. Quilt the other day. We walked around the fabric store and maybe I teared up because I got so excited for my little guy to sleep and puke and poop in his adorable fish blanket but we don't need to talk about how I can't control my emotions. Pictures to come.

We're LOVING having some time off of school (Trevor) and some time off of freezing Utah and crazy traffic (Danielle). We'll be staying busy with Thanksgiving, birthday dates, girls' night with the drill team girls, Garrett's wedding reception, and partying all week long. Prepare for a few massive photo updates!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

When Trevor is Away...

Danielle will hide inside from the snow all weekend and get the crazy flu!
I'm talking passing out on the bathroom floor crazy here people- not fun.
Luckily the worst of it only lasted about 10 hours. The rest of the weekend has been achey and sore and full of chick flicks and rehydration. (At least I got a little shopping trip in the day before :))
This is the best ever. Totally underrated.
Whenever Trevor is away (which has only been a few times- we're lucky!) I'm a big wimp about it. I sleep in his shirt on his side of the bed with the lights on. In my defense, you would too if you lived in a house built in the 1800's, right?
Found these beauties at Papaya for $7.99 and naturally got it in all 3 colors. It's super long and has elastic cinched sides... room for baby boy to grow!

Tonight's big plan is to set up the Christmas tree while I wait for Trevor to get back.
And here's the thing... this week looks a little something like this:
Monday-Wednesday: Work, shop for Trevor's birthday, get my nails filled (call me high maintenance but it's only $17 to get them redone for the holidays- might as well, right?), and pack.
Thursday: Leave for KANSAS! For a week and a half!
Classic for a sick day.
I. Can't. Wait.

After that, just a few weeks until Trevor graduates (hallelujah!!!) and we leave for Las Vegas for Christmas!

Moral of this story: I have limited time to enjoy my Christmas tree. Might as well get started on it early. I mean honestly- I've been listening to Christmas music for weeks now.

Hooray for our winter wonderland coming nice and early this year!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Airplanes and Swords and Footballs, Oh My!

Hey there baby BOY!

This momma and dad couldn't be more thrilled!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Those Perfect Moments:

When you're already a hot mess because you feel dumb for messing stuff up at work,
And then you ask your husband if he'll clean the bathroom today because it's gross and scary in there
And you really don't want to do it,
And he responds with, "yeah sure". 
And then you maybe tear up and say, "really, you don't mind?"
And he says, "I never mind".
That, my friends, is true love. 
(Especially if you've seen our 130 year old bathroom.)

And then, when you watch your favorite movie (A Beautiful Mind) with him,
And he says, if I ever go crazy, put me in an institution. I'm big. If you went crazy I could just pin you down and it would be no big deal.

And when he brings up "how crazy it is that we're going to be super old together someday".

I'm glad we get to be crazy and old together someday.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Question:

Why did it take me so long to see this?
Hooked like every other girl in America.