Friday, November 11, 2011

2 Questions:

First: How do you feel about ombre hair? 
I'll be honest, when I first learned what it was, I thought it looked a little like roots let go for way too long. But I think it's growing on me... yes? No? It would be a good solution to not wanting to keep up with roots anymore.

Second: is it too early to decorate for Christmas?
This one I don't care quite as much what the answer is. My Christmas music has been on for over a week and the tree is coming out tomorrow. LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year!! And I can't wait to make the amazing crafts I see all over pinterest all the time!! Prepare to be glitterized, house.

Speaking of pinterest, a few of my favorites recently:
Totally doing this someday.

I would wear these every day.

Making this! Not brown though. 
Everything in my apartment MAY be in danger of being spray painted.

My little girls will probably live in tutus.

t+d :)


  1. We should get a bunch of christmas decorating craft ideas ready for when the boys ditch us for video games during thanksgiving. There's a ton I want to do.

  2. I think ombre only looks good on people with longgggg hair. But I see what you mean about it looking like the roots have just grown out lol. Cute christmas ideas!!

  3. I love ombre when it's done right. But it's a very thin line between too long roots and beautiful ombre hair!

    and my GOODNESS I adore those rainbow glitter heels.

  4. I keep seeing "ombre" and thinking "you forgot the "H" in "hombre," then thinking, "what kind of girl wants man hair?"

  5. 1. LOVE OMBRE!

    2. NO, decorate away!

    and 3. isn't pinterest the best!??!

    thanks for visiting my blog and bookmarking the epic thanksgiving post! we newlyweds need all the help we can get!!!!!!


  6. Those are great shoes!

  7. Oh my goodness - love your blog too!! My stylist did the ombre style last time I was in, and I was so hesitant, but now I love it! - so low maintenance too. :)

    New follower!!


  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog!!! I am loving yours as well!

  9. 1. i totally think ombre hair is cute..if done right.
    2. i'm so in love with christmas, but i never let myself celebrate until the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
    3. i love that initialed ring!!
    xo TJ

  10. hi Danielle!

    i'm still loving the ombre looks - kinda attempting it subtly and slowly myself too. not too early at all for beginning to decorate your home with all things involving magical Christmas time. i've started with the music but the decking of the halls is sure to follow soon!

    thanks for visiting me lades, your blog is lovely and the pinterests you've chosen are killer. 'specially that artsy family, how incredible is that pic?! happy weekend! ♥

  11. AHHH I am ready for Christmas....if it weren't for my husband, I am sure our home would be decked out glitter, ornaments, snowmen, and wreaths. lol.........waiting for Thanksgiving first lol

  12. love LC.
    love those heels.
    love that ear warmer.

  13. I want to decorate for Christmas already!! Especially with pictures flying around on Pinterest!! Maybe I should do ombre hair, too! My roots are looking rough!!

  14. Danielle!!!

    I am liking the Ombre look too. I am actually deciding between something like that and going back dark, or maybe blonde again. Well that's pretty much saying I don't know what to do yet. But youre so stylish so if youre liking ombre it must be in!

    You are so cute!I am so doing a picture one day like the one you want to do. I also totally just got one of those head things and wore it last night. And I love the ring!!!

  15. Thanks for doing a post on ombre hair, I was wondering what other bloggers thought about it. Isn't that what people's hair looks like when their hair dye grows out? Do celebs pay to have this look done?

  16. 1. I think ombre is cute if done right!
    2. not too early. i cant wait to get all moved into our new place and decorate for Christmas!
    4. I love you blog, thanks for the blog comment!!!