Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Questions

#1: What is this child's obsession with his father's shoes? It doesn't matter where I put him in the room. He always finds his way over to Trevor's shoes. And they always find their way into his mouth. Yum, not.
#2: How do babies have such uncanny timing? 

Exhibit a: every night at dinner, Milo decides he wants to eat. So my dinner looks at me, while I watch Trevor and Milo eat theirs. Kinda like when I'm nursing Milo in the night. Trevor is asleep. Milo falls asleep. And I'm all sitting there lactating and everything.

Exhibit b: all the best blowouts occur when we are out. I'm a pro at changing intense diapers in the seat of the car. 
Exhibit c: every once in a while, Trevor and I are both home and have some down time at the same time when Milo is sleeping. And about as soon as we realize it, he wakes up. It's like they just know. 

Exhibit d: We like to walk to the lake across from our apartment complex. E-ve-ry-time, Milo decides it's time to be home right as we get to the lake, a.k.a. the farthest point in our journey.

And I leave you with this picture of the hickey Milo gave Trevor: :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ode to Target

Today, I got 3 pairs of sweat shorts (which I've been searching high and low for for months but refused to pay much for them... $7.99 apiece my friends!!!) and 4 striped t shirts that are the most comfortable fabric ever for $5 apiece. 

I love you, Target. 
Especially your clearance racks.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update Time

First of all, WE HAVE A NEW NIECE! World, meet Baby Eleanor:
She is perfect and we are so excited for Kyle and Whitney and big brother Dexter!
I have a new top 5 movie. Gifted Hands. SO GOOD! It was one of those like A Beautiful Mind, or Warrior, or Titanic, that just leaves you kind of enchanted and thinking for days after. Loved it.

Milo is the funniest. He loves to roll, and get on all fours and faceplant because his knees are ready to crawl, but his hands aren't. He is the apple of my eye.
Always falling asleep on accident in his seat
Loving his rice cereal (lots of pumping happening these days but he is going to bed full with a few scoops of rice cereal in his milk!)
Just sleeping with his basketball. Every night Trevor and I sneak in and look at him and laugh about all the funny things he did that day and how cute he looks in whatever position he is in and all that mushy stuff. Last night we found him with his ball right next to him. Darling.
Keep crossing your fingers that it keeps going well, but I'm picking up more real estate work here in San Angelo! I'm so glad to have flexible work to do. I love having projects to work on to make me feel productive and contribute, and mostly I love that it doesn't take away from me being a mom!

We had Freebirds for the first time the other day. YUM. I approve. We will be back.

Speaking of things I love, here's something I didn't. A few days ago I went into my closet to get dressed after I took a shower. And right by my foot, a SNAKE was slithering around. AHHH!!! Let's just say that 1. I'm glad Trevor was home and 2. I turn the lights on to get Milo out of bed in the middle of the night every time. And pray that it never ever happens again. Tiny lizards are fine. Snakes are very much not.

Still loving having Trevor home this last 2 weeks! School starts again Monday, but he's officially 1/9th of the way done becoming a physical therapist!

P.S. going home to Olathe again in about 3 weeks! Last time was too fast, and my parents are flying me home with some miles they have saved up. YAY!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Few Things:

But first, a funny story.

In church, I work with the teenage girls. I love them. We have a group of Spanish speaking girls as well, and yesterday, I gave a talk in their meeting (I was translated- talk about pressure/stage fright/nerves). So I thought I'd be cool and start out by introducing myself in my 12 words of Espanol. As it turns out, when you say you have an esposo caliente, you have, in fact, just told a congregation of adults and children that your husband is "hot and bothered" in so many words. The end.

1. HEB Gummy Bears. THE BEST.
 2. This boy, always with a handful of Momma's hair. Also he is rocking the monkey face hard in this picture.
 3. So happy to be ROLLING everywhere! And dangerously close to getting up on his knees and crawling... It's ok that I cried with pride this morning when he was on all fours, right?
 4. Put something in front of Milo. Count to 2 and watch slobberfest '13 commence.
 5. A sleeping picture, because we all know I haven't posted enough of those :)
 6. Is there anything better than a happy, nakey baby? Of course not!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Lovin'

We have a new tradition: Taco Tuesdays. Actually, Rosa's has this tradition (thanks for the rec Sara!) and we like partaking in it. Their tacos and tortillas and everything, quite honestly, are sublime.
Milo has the squishiest cheeks. !!!
 Sometimes you just gotta skip the run when you've been debating whether you would go all day. Playing with Milo was way more fun.
 Hand on the tum.
 Diaper wedge and my favorite crooked little smile. This boy is so strong. He is always kicking and rolling and standing and bouncing and growling. And he giggles most when I clobber-kiss him. The best!
 Milo was being extra cuddly this day. 
 Eating bananas! From a spoon! So grown up :) For the record... apples and peaches were a no go. Sweet potatoes, however, were a win!
 Milo's favorite way to be put to sleep: Trevor playing drums on him.
 Madi and me! Sarah and her kids and Heidi came to play with us yesterday. Come back!
 Spidey jams. Officially too small. But seriously... I'll choose him over Peter Parker any day.
Milo likes to fly at the lake.
At the lake by our apartment! SO fun.

My boy and me watching the big kids at the park.
Trevor has finals this week then 2 weeks off! We are so excited to party with him!