Friday, April 29, 2011

Home On the Range

Last week, we were here:

With these people:
Trevor is there. He thinks it's cool to just get his eye in pictures.
and I absolutely loved every second of it.

Our trip consisted of:
lovely unbelievably long drive from Utah to Kansas (True story: when we crossed the state line into Kansas, I cried and said I didn't want to leave again. A year and a half away from home is way too long!)
A birthday party for my 17 year old brother Seth and my 5 year old niece Madison
Madison, Jaxon, Colton. Cutest children alive.
An Easter egg hunt for not only the little kids, but the big ones too :)
A fabulous reunion with my dance team girls
Lots of good runs around Olathe- I love running at home, and I love running with my sister!
Watching a late night thunderstorm on the porch with Trevor (I've been waiting a long time to show him some decent thunder and lightning!)
Going on a late night drive with my hubby and showing him my old stompin' grounds, then driving around south of town in the boonies
Girl time going fabric scrap and button shopping in my mom's sewing stash
Lots of love for my fat cat Sox!
Rummikub (Kubie)
Dying Easter eggs
Gooooood food
Visiting diving practice and the girls and Russ!
Personal tour of the new Black Bob
Green and humidity and rain and joy... I love my home!!!

Then on the flight back, I caught the flu that Seth and Trevor had already had a few days before, and threw up in two different airports and on two airplanes. I always get sick on travel days. I do not know why, but it's deathly. 

It was so great to be home! I loved it!
And the next day, we were back in cold, windy Provo going to our first day of spring term.
But, soon it will be warm, and there are tulips everywhere, and it will be a good summer. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am a girl... therefore, new clothing brings me joy.
Don't ask me why.
I know it's weird.
But I think I speak for at least 80% of the female population when I say that looking cute and feeling like it are great self esteem boosters.

This being said: I am poor.
This makes shopping a rare occurrence.
But throughout my college career (and late high school), I have become totally converted to secondhand shopping.
I buy most of what I own at Plato's Closet.
Someone else spends $40 on a shirt at Banana Republic, gets bored of it, and gives it to me for $8.
Thank you!

I'm pretty sure I just scored at least 5 points higher on my final because I was wearing a cute shirt. Does this make me shallow?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite Things as of Late

Yellow flowers growing in my front yard
No more class this semester
New smartphone saving us money on internet (and I kind of love it)
Going to KANSAS in one week!
Which includes seeing my favorite sister! And her 3 kids!
And also includes GIRLS NIGHT with my drill team girls!
Daily pictures of my chubby baby nephew Colton and crazy Jaxon and Madison  
New nephew coming this weekend!
I can see my triceps for the first time ever (thank you P90X)
My bff Danielle
When my Grandma calls to say hi
Whopper robin eggs & starburst jelly beans
Driving with the windows down because it's finally warm enough (at least for 4 hours a day)
The outdoor pool is about to open and I can hardly stand my excitement
(all these years of guarding, you'd think I'd be over it by now, but nothing beats hours of sun every day!)
Free fluorescent lightbulbs from my brother's work (I can finally SEE when I'm doing my makeup!)

Just for old time's sake... when I met Trevor :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stage Fright

Today, I had to give a presentation in class.
I don't consider myself a shy person.
I'm pretty outgoing, usually confident, and generally able to hold a conversation with just about anyone.
But I despise talking in front of crowds.
When I was little, I was terrible in piano recitals.
I always got scared and forgot my song, or made dumb mistakes.
I've never liked playing the piano for people to sing, because it's TOO MUCH PRESSURE!
I cried last time I had to speak in church.
My last words to Trevor before I begun my talk were:
"If I died right now, I wouldn't have to speak."
Seriously, who gets scared in front of church people that you know? They are the nicest ones!
Whenever I have to talk in front of the class,
my cheeks get really red
I get super hot
and sometimes my throat catches a little.
So today.
Trevor came to see me because he is the greatest husband ever.
I felt pretty good (let's be honest, the class is only like 15 people)
And I wore a shirt that pit stains wouldn't show in (TMI I know. But let's be real.)
I don't remember what I said,
but I felt pretty calm.
Trevor said I did GREAT and that it sounded AWESOME and that I didn't even sound nervous!
... except that I said "um" like a zillion times.
I had no idea.
I do not want to be a nervous "you know" or "um" person!!!
New life goal:
No fidgeting.
No shaky voice.
And NO. UM'S.
And no almost crying before I have to talk in front of people.
Seriously what is the deal!!!??
... and p.s. I wrote the entire 12 page paper (single spaced?!?!?!) that went along with my presentation today. In one day.
I will sleep gooooood tonight!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spray Paint, Sun, and a Ton of Pictures

Despite the fact that I have
Before the end of the semester,
this weekend was fabulous and slightly unproductive as far as school goes.
However, we did do many other things not related to school.
We managed to cram 8 people into our apartment for a whole night
... which also means we had family in town!
Laid out with 2 fellow lifeguards Friday during a break at work
Had a spray painting extravaganza
Saw my niece practice her ballet on webcam (I almost teared up. Not kidding.)
Completed the last Saturday swimming lessons for the semester (yay!)
Made Trevor's first snowman
My brother got me Toms with his unexpected work bonus (he is the bomb)
Went shopping with Danielle
Watched General Conference
...and consequently had an extremely lazy Sunday
Saw unstoppable
And now I get to look forward to my 12 page paper due Wednesday. :)

Please note: Did I say laying out and making snowmen in the same weekend? Yes I did. And I don't want to talk about it. But in my head, April means warm and rain and not snow. It better not happen again. I'm sick of paying for heating!