Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brand New

World, meet Colton Christopher Wise, declared "the cutest boy more than anything" by his big sister Madison.

My sister who is a hot mom of 3!
We love our new baby nephew and can't wait to see him in November!

Also new...
School starts in 2 days!!
It's been a blissful, sublime, fabulous summer
Full of being married and loving it,
Possibly more TIME than we will ever have again,
Early mornings of work for Trevor,
Sunny days working at the pool for me,
Vaca to {Hawaii} {Vegas} {California},
Moving to our lovely apartment,
Evening runs around Provo,
Late night walks with my hubby,
And I'm pretty confident that it will be
a pretty wonderful school year, too.
Something about starting a new
semester gets me all excited.
And guess what?
I don't have class on Fridays. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Happens in Vegas

The past 5 days have been filled with:

- A lot of swimming
- Girl talk
- 3 person tall towers
- Home cooking... mmm
- Running in 100+ degree weather
- Super Smash Brothers
- Birthday barbecue
- French braiding shaggy boy hair
- Date night on the Strip with my man
- Basketball
- Wrestling
- Family
- Twilight 3
- Shopping

Perfect way to wrap up a most wonderful summer. 

...By the way...
School starts in 6 days...
and I'm really excited!!! :)
I love new!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sleep in...
Lackadaisically get ready for church {at 12:30}...
Come home...
Take a nap...
Walk around Provo a little...
Talk and think about everything and anything...
We like Sundays.

On another note- I am feeling all CRAFTY! Yesterday I went to the fabric store by myself for the first time ever and these days, home decorating stores (anthropologie anyone?) and craft stores get me all creative-feeling and giddy (and I'm totally ok with the fact that it's exclusively daydreaming as we are dirt poor :)).


I invested in a hot glue gun
And made these:

Which I wore to church today:

Trevor loves taking pictures... don't be fooled.

We are going to Las Vegas in 4 days!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Here's the Thing...

I love being a newlywed.
And I love being a poor college student newlywed with my poor college student husband.
We get all this time to spend just together.

The other day, this lady in my parent-baby swimming class was telling me that she misses those days.

So it made me think... I better enjoy every second while I can. I know I'll love whatever comes after this, but I sure do love right now.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello, August

These days...

I found the greatest, most glittery nail polish and I love it.

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching my water aerobics class!
Excited? Yes.
Nervous? Slightly.

Thank you, Utah, for letting it storm today. Although nothing compares to my Kansas storms, I absolutely loved, LOVED the thunder all day.

AND I am officially up to running about 4.2 miles a day... so bring it on, August heat (thank goodness I live in the desert where it cools down at night)!

Otherwise... we're savoring this sublime summer while it lasts. :)