Monday, December 23, 2013

275 Pictures

We are LOVING having Trevor home for a few weeks! It's been a perfect combination of being able to get tons done and getting absolutely nothing done at the same time.

Milo is officially 9 months!
He has the 2 cutest teeth you've ever seen
he has 3 distinct laughs (none of which are normal laughs)
he's ticklish on his thighs, under his chin, and on his feet
He's just breaking the 16 lb. barrier and is 26 inches long. This boy likes to hover around the 1-5 percentiles for height and weight. He is a little munch and WILL YOU PLEASE drink your milk child!!!
He loves blowing spit bubbles and when he blows his bubbles, he means business.

Waiting at the Doctor's office

He LOVES these chairs!

And unfortunately, after pulling one down on himself, they are back in the closet for the time being.

Climbing on mom

Just hanging

And getting attacked by mom

We met baby Hudson!

He is so darling.

Milo loves his new cousin

And all of his Wise cousins!

Madi and I were twins

And Milo just kills me.


And we are LOVING that Christmas in Texas means 50-60 degrees outside! Holler!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Life is Good, and So Are People

Today I'm really glad for good friends who can relate. It amazes me how unexpected these people can be- maybe it's someone who flies under the radar, or maybe you fly under the radar yourself, or maybe it's someone you thought you wouldn't get along with, or you thought they were way too cool for you, but somehow your paths cross in life and you know you were meant to know someone and have certain conversations with them that would help you along or make you a better person.

The older I get, the more I realize that everyone puts on a brave face, and most everyone is always going through "a thing". There's usually something weighing heavily on someone's mind, or they're working through something, or concerned about someone they love, or any/all of the above. And when 2 people realize that they have something like that in common, one of those "things" that you don't talk about aloud or let on to others, it's like an instant bond. And in that moment, you realize that you're not alone! Someone gets it! Someone else knows exactly how I feel! I'm not crazy! There's someone to talk to!

I don't mean to be cryptic here. I think everyone can relate to some degree on this feeling of relief when you can be open with someone about a really personal struggle. I think we all have more in common with a lot of people than we think we do. I know I tend not to have a filter sometimes, and I share way too much personal info with people who would rather not know. But, I also want to be approachable. I've had some really unexpected people come to me to talk about personal things, and I'm glad they feel they can trust me. And I'm sure I do the same to people often.

Life is so good, and sometimes it's hard. Sometimes we get in our own way. Sometimes we feel like nobody else gets our (in my case many)imperfections. But I think they do. And I think good friends and sometimes even good strangers are one of God's best ways of reminding us that he gets us. He puts people in our paths for a reason, and I'm glad for that. He knows what we need, and what we're going through at any given point in time.

So to anyone who has put up with my crazy, thank you :). And to anyone who will in the future, thank you in advance :). And to anyone who's dealing with some crazy of your own, don't worry, so is everyone else.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dallas and A Babe

We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving with my sister, who was 9 months pregnant, so let's be honest, we were much more anxious for that baby than the turkey :). But let's all be clear that Sarah did SUCH a good job keeping up Thanksgiving tradition for us all! She's such a good big sister/mom/human. I love her. 9 months pregnant and making apple turkey crafts with her kids, I mean come on! Superwoman.

As it turns out, baby Hudson wanted to stay in just a little longer, and decided to come Monday after we left. But we forgive him for waiting because he looks like this:
Introducing my perfect new nephew, Hudson Conrad Wise. We love each other.

Thanksgiving was so fun. Like I said, Sarah has a knack for keeping things special and remembering the details. If Thanksgiving were at my house, we'd skip the turkey and eat stuffing and pie and cranberry sauce and rolls and call it good. And even though she was kind of miserable and very pregnant, she put on her brave face and partied with us all weekend. Lots of movies, games, bowling, and food. We are so glad we live close to them so we can spend holidays like this together!

Cuddling with Colton

Milo and Daddy

Me and Mr. Handsome

Our little fam :)

Bowling! Those black lights do crazy things.

My funny little munch.