Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge Part 1

My sister and I really like to shop. 
We pride ourselves in finding good deals and love getting all dressed up.
However, we decided it was time to get creative.
We made our own modified version of this 30 for 30 Challenge. Here were our rules:
1. You can wear whatever you want, but not the same combination twice.
2. No shopping. One of us might have slipped up once and it wasn't Sarah.
3. Send each other a picture every day.
Our goal: learn how to use what we have and make our wardrobes more versatile. 

We have been going for 2 weeks now and both have had to talk each other back into self control (nothing like not being able to do something to make you want to do it even more). It has been a blast trying harder to mix and match and giving each other inspiration. I won't pretend to be some kind of fashion guru at all, but here is what we have come up with so far:


 I know our pictures are beyond dorky and taken on our phones, but you get the idea. I love having something to dress up for, even if it is the grocery store. Also, my sister is a total smokin hott momma. Without her, I never would have learned how to pluck my eyebrows or do my hair. Thank you, Sarah, for saving me. 2 more weeks!


  1. so happy to find your blog:) these outfits are so fabulous. i love dressing up, even if it's just going to wal-mart:) a lady needs any occasion to break out the heels i say!

    hehe that reminds me of a funny news story i saw once about a woman who loved the dollar store. she said, "i like the dollar store because i can dress casual when i go there. it's not like i have to dress up like i'm going to wal-mart or something."


  2. OOoh what a fashionista! I always shop within my budget and whenever people compliment me on what I am wearing they are often surprised when I tell them I got it for a good deal. =)

  3. what a fun challenge!! it really is a great way to make your closet work for you :)

  4. FYI you are a hottie. Also now that I see the fruit of our labors I'm more determined to make it 11 more days :) I'm just makin' a list for all the post thanksgiving sales....

  5. might have slipped once? you didn't even try. i told you "don't buy that you'll get in trouble"

  6. Such a cute idea, I love your outfits! New follower :)

  7. so fun to find you! and i absolutely HEART this idea. stealing it for sure!

  8. I keep thinking this would be a really good thing for me to do.. or maybe my rule should be to buy something new every day. HA.

  9. Cute outfits! Thank for following me :) I'm following u now and loving it! Ur pretty awesome!

  10. y'all are so cute! love the foot on the sink pic - i've totally done that before :)

  11. love it!! you guys are doing great! it is amazing how many combos you can come up with if you force yourself to.

  12. sister dates are the BEST thing that ever happened to the world :)

    thoroughly convinced.

  13. As I have said sooooooo many times, the two of you would look darling in a paper bag! You're just so cute!!

    Love, Mom

  14. I have the MOST BEAUTIFUL daughters in the WORLD!
    BEAUTIFUL, SMART, I Love You both very much! Dad