Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update Time

First of all, WE HAVE A NEW NIECE! World, meet Baby Eleanor:
She is perfect and we are so excited for Kyle and Whitney and big brother Dexter!
I have a new top 5 movie. Gifted Hands. SO GOOD! It was one of those like A Beautiful Mind, or Warrior, or Titanic, that just leaves you kind of enchanted and thinking for days after. Loved it.

Milo is the funniest. He loves to roll, and get on all fours and faceplant because his knees are ready to crawl, but his hands aren't. He is the apple of my eye.
Always falling asleep on accident in his seat
Loving his rice cereal (lots of pumping happening these days but he is going to bed full with a few scoops of rice cereal in his milk!)
Just sleeping with his basketball. Every night Trevor and I sneak in and look at him and laugh about all the funny things he did that day and how cute he looks in whatever position he is in and all that mushy stuff. Last night we found him with his ball right next to him. Darling.
Keep crossing your fingers that it keeps going well, but I'm picking up more real estate work here in San Angelo! I'm so glad to have flexible work to do. I love having projects to work on to make me feel productive and contribute, and mostly I love that it doesn't take away from me being a mom!

We had Freebirds for the first time the other day. YUM. I approve. We will be back.

Speaking of things I love, here's something I didn't. A few days ago I went into my closet to get dressed after I took a shower. And right by my foot, a SNAKE was slithering around. AHHH!!! Let's just say that 1. I'm glad Trevor was home and 2. I turn the lights on to get Milo out of bed in the middle of the night every time. And pray that it never ever happens again. Tiny lizards are fine. Snakes are very much not.

Still loving having Trevor home this last 2 weeks! School starts again Monday, but he's officially 1/9th of the way done becoming a physical therapist!

P.S. going home to Olathe again in about 3 weeks! Last time was too fast, and my parents are flying me home with some miles they have saved up. YAY!

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