Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2 Questions

#1: What is this child's obsession with his father's shoes? It doesn't matter where I put him in the room. He always finds his way over to Trevor's shoes. And they always find their way into his mouth. Yum, not.
#2: How do babies have such uncanny timing? 

Exhibit a: every night at dinner, Milo decides he wants to eat. So my dinner looks at me, while I watch Trevor and Milo eat theirs. Kinda like when I'm nursing Milo in the night. Trevor is asleep. Milo falls asleep. And I'm all sitting there lactating and everything.

Exhibit b: all the best blowouts occur when we are out. I'm a pro at changing intense diapers in the seat of the car. 
Exhibit c: every once in a while, Trevor and I are both home and have some down time at the same time when Milo is sleeping. And about as soon as we realize it, he wakes up. It's like they just know. 

Exhibit d: We like to walk to the lake across from our apartment complex. E-ve-ry-time, Milo decides it's time to be home right as we get to the lake, a.k.a. the farthest point in our journey.

And I leave you with this picture of the hickey Milo gave Trevor: :)

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  1. so true so true. And it doesn't get any better. Colton always has to go poop in the middle of dinner, or when I'm rushing out the door, or some other very inconvenient time!