Monday, August 12, 2013

A Few Things:

But first, a funny story.

In church, I work with the teenage girls. I love them. We have a group of Spanish speaking girls as well, and yesterday, I gave a talk in their meeting (I was translated- talk about pressure/stage fright/nerves). So I thought I'd be cool and start out by introducing myself in my 12 words of Espanol. As it turns out, when you say you have an esposo caliente, you have, in fact, just told a congregation of adults and children that your husband is "hot and bothered" in so many words. The end.

1. HEB Gummy Bears. THE BEST.
 2. This boy, always with a handful of Momma's hair. Also he is rocking the monkey face hard in this picture.
 3. So happy to be ROLLING everywhere! And dangerously close to getting up on his knees and crawling... It's ok that I cried with pride this morning when he was on all fours, right?
 4. Put something in front of Milo. Count to 2 and watch slobberfest '13 commence.
 5. A sleeping picture, because we all know I haven't posted enough of those :)
 6. Is there anything better than a happy, nakey baby? Of course not!

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