Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Lovin'

We have a new tradition: Taco Tuesdays. Actually, Rosa's has this tradition (thanks for the rec Sara!) and we like partaking in it. Their tacos and tortillas and everything, quite honestly, are sublime.
Milo has the squishiest cheeks. !!!
 Sometimes you just gotta skip the run when you've been debating whether you would go all day. Playing with Milo was way more fun.
 Hand on the tum.
 Diaper wedge and my favorite crooked little smile. This boy is so strong. He is always kicking and rolling and standing and bouncing and growling. And he giggles most when I clobber-kiss him. The best!
 Milo was being extra cuddly this day. 
 Eating bananas! From a spoon! So grown up :) For the record... apples and peaches were a no go. Sweet potatoes, however, were a win!
 Milo's favorite way to be put to sleep: Trevor playing drums on him.
 Madi and me! Sarah and her kids and Heidi came to play with us yesterday. Come back!
 Spidey jams. Officially too small. But seriously... I'll choose him over Peter Parker any day.
Milo likes to fly at the lake.
At the lake by our apartment! SO fun.

My boy and me watching the big kids at the park.
Trevor has finals this week then 2 weeks off! We are so excited to party with him!

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