Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whirlwind Vacation: Part 1

We've been doing lots... and lots... of driving lately. Last week Milo finally met his Aunt Sarah, Uncle Chris, and cousins Madison, Jaxon, and Colton (and soon-to-be new nephew)!

Colton wanted to cuddle Milo the whole time. It was adorable. He is going to adore his new baby brother!
We also did plenty of shopping, swimming, and jumping on Uncle Trevor :). 
Words cannot describe how happy I am to be living near my Sarah and her family now! 4 and a half hours is infinitely better than 21.

After a few days in Dallas, we caravanned up to Kansas to go through the new Kansas City temple with Seth! It was my first time at that temple and it was gorgeous! So exciting to have one so close to home now! Also. Call us ridiculous, but when Trevor and I left Milo with Seth's darling girlfriend Shelby outside on the temple grounds, we almost cried. Talk about separation anxiety. I mean for the love. Ridiculous.

Milo cracks me up. We like to call him the rod. He does not bend.
The whole fam!
It was so fun to all be in KC for Seth's day! He is going to be such a great missionary in Brazil!

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