Thursday, May 16, 2013

Milo at 2 Months

I can hardly believe my little man is 2 months old! My favorite things he does right now:
When he is laying on his belly, he wiggles his little bum all over the place. I love it.

He sleeps with his feet sticking out in either direction.
When he's eating, he pokes his cheeks and holds his face.

Sometimes he fake sneezes. He winds up for a big one and then lets out a little coo. 

He loves sticking his tongue out.

He LOVES being held. 
He makes the funniest sounds when he swallows. Actually, the whole time he eats. I'm not very conscious of how loud he is now since I'm used to it, but whenever someone else hears him eat, they crack up at how squeaky he is.

He is starting to smile! Melt my heart!

His little legs are getting so pudgy. I could squish them all day.
He loves boxing practice with Daddy. And I love watching them.

As of this morning, he can roll over! 
He also slept a 6 hour stretch last night... as did I... Oh, heaven!

We LOVE our little Milo!


  1. Such a beautiful little family you have! You are making me awfully impatient for this new one to arrive. I can't wait for all of those baby squeaks, wiggles, and coos!

  2. I just had so much fun perusing through your blog. There's nothing quite like being a new mama and you are making want another baby! Thanks for stopping by. I think I'll be following along here. :)

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  4. What a little cutie you have! That's great that he slept 6 hours! I remember the first time my little one slept that long. It was heaven, indeed!

  5. Aw, he is a major cutie! I miss this stage, it goes way too fast! Enjoy every moment with that little guy :)

    xoxo Jamie
    Hello Little Scout

  6. enjoy your handsome son! what a blessing!!! and to sleep 6 before him you didn't even know it was such a gift!!!!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  7. Ah, 6 hours of sleep, how nice! I love his little turned out feet, so cute.

  8. I cant get enough of milo!!!

  9. HAHA.. I used to hold babies (well, still do) like that. A little football :) PRECIOUS!