Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Being a Rookie Mom:

Sometimes it takes an expert mom of 3/ favorite sister/best friend to watch from the outside in and tell you that it's OK to let your baby cry himself to sleep, and that babies can learn to self soothe at this age, and teach you very lovingly about the sleeping habits of a 2 month old. And luckily, her house is a lot bigger than my apartment so I can let him cry it out upstairs in her closet where I can't hear.

And just like that, we had a wonderful day full of good naps, productive feedings, and tons of smiles.

Ahh. Thank goodness Milo doesn't know how clueless I am. We'll get there. 

To those of you who gave me your advice on Instagram today (@daniellehansen), THANK YOU! And everyone else, please... tell me all your mom secrets! Some days it overwhelms me how much of a rookie I am.
However, I did change a blowout on my lap in the back of the car on the way to Dallas the other day. You can call me the diaper ninja.
I'm thankful for a mom who ends my guilt trips and tells me it would be weird if my baby didn't cry sometimes, a dad who unlocked the secret of Milo's favorite way to be held (laying on my forearm on his belly), a sister who is helping me figure out how to teach Milo to sleep better and get on a good schedule, and a calendar that involves far less trips across the country next month so that we can finally be a little more settled.
Milo and cousin Colton!
Also, words cannot describe how lucky I am to have a husband who was born to be a daddy, and a mother and father in law who raised him that way. So glad to have all these people on my side while I fumble through motherhood. I may not have it all together (or even kind of together), but I'm in love with this life. 
I want a hundred babies.


  1. My oldest son is 18 ~ and I still feel like a rookie at times! :) Hang in there....

  2. I'm a Mother (but my son passed away at birth and I've been trying to get pregnant for nine months with no luck).. I've been a nanny to countless babies/children-- my best friends call on me when something is wrong/weird, etc with their infants, toddlers, etc. I've studied children and taken all the classes. Let your gut lead you. You can read all the books and retain that knowledge- IT'S GREAT TO KNOW AND SO IMPORTANT.. but as a Mother you will always know what's best for your child.