Thursday, May 2, 2013

Is It Tuesday Yet?

I'm currently posting from my phone while I feed my baby. It works.

We are leaving on SUNDAY for Texas, and officially moving in on Tuesday!!! And I can't wait. I can't!!!!

Also, a few things:

I don't usually notice quite how sleep deprived I am. But when I have to think through things like packing to move, my brain suddenly remembers that sleep doesn't happen so much these days, and everything in my head is lined with a fog. Kind of inconvenient.

Milo has been having a few special days. And by special I mean not going to sleep when I want him to (how dare he not follow my schedule) and being fussy in the evenings. Also, he is having a kind of hard time taking a bottle (we have been practicing trying to prep for the drive across the country. I've been pumping a bottle at least once a day). It is making me kind of nervous.

At the same time, he has been sleeping about 3.5 hour stretches pretty consistently at night! Which is heaven after all that "eating every other hour" craziness!

We will be in our new apartment Tuesday. We will have a dishwasher and a disposal. My dad, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin are saving us by coming out to help us pack. Milo is cute and sweet and squeaky and I love him even though after kind of trying to put him to bed for like 3 hours now, he is staring at me with wide open eyes and cooing up a storm. I think I'll just kiss this fuzzy little peach fuzz head for a while.

Moral of this story: I'm kind of not feeling like much of a supermomma right now. Happy mom, yes. But also tired and kind of incompetent and like I'm falling behind on a lot of things that need to get done. I mean shouldn't I automatically be the Milo expert and know exactly how to help him calm down or fall asleep in any situation and under any circumstances? Isn't my baby supposed to be the miracle child who never gets agitated or cries for no reason?

Oh, Danielle. Dream on!

Maybe once I'm not surrounded by boxes and crap things will feel a little less crazy. And for now, I'll stick with the few tricks I have learned as Milo's mom and we can keep figuring this thing out as we go!


  1. Good luck with your big move! Hope that all goes well! I remember struggling a bit to get baby to drink from a bottle, also. I am actually stuck a bit with wanting to buy new bottles for this baby, but not sure on what kind to buy. Have you tried a different kind with a different nipple?
    Hope all goes well!

  2. I bet you're totally a super mom. Duh. ;) congrats on the move!!! I love love love Texas... *sigh*

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