Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Happy Place and Sleep

Milo and I officially have the same happy place: cuddled up to Trevor.
The whole sleeping thing is going... OK for us. Sometimes he makes it 3 hours... usually it's more like 2, and often 1 and a half. But we're getting there, and some days are better than others of course. 
However, if he is in this position:

He will sleep for HOURS.

Last night we did a little experiment. It was called, "Milo had the attention span of a goldfish every time I fed him today which resulted in him eating about 45 times and taking zero good naps and oh yeah I haven't slept more than a 3 hour stretch in a month so welcome home daddy I'm getting one of the bags of milk out of the freezer and you can feed him the first time tonight"(to which Trevor happily agreed- we just haven't done this before since he works about a million hours a week and since I'm breastfeeding, I'm always ready to feed him after a couple of hours anyway). 

But last night. Trevor fell asleep with Milo on his chest and Milo slept until 4:30 in the morning. 4:30! And then Trevor fed him! And then he slept again till 7:30! Which means I slept from 1 to 7:30! At which point I fed him, pumped the extra from the night, and fell asleep for 30 more minutes. I feel like a whole new woman! And thank goodness, the streak of eating every 5 seconds has been broken. 

So yes, I've been replaced as Trevor's most frequent cuddle buddy. But I totally get it. I mean can you blame him? :)

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