Friday, April 19, 2013

Lazy Days

It may come as a surprise to you, but sometimes mine and Milo's nights together are pretty long and sleepless.
This is my fault as much as it is Milo's desire to hang out with his super fun mom ALL night long. {Usually, feeding him takes about 50 minutes average. I wake up, put in some eye drops, feed him on one side, change his diaper to wake him up a little so he'll keep eating, swaddle him tight, feed him on the other side till he falls asleep-ish, rock him and cuddle him and love on him for a few minutes (because after 45 minutes I'm actually decently awake and just feeling in love), and put him back in his bed. But you see, sometimes when it's 3 a.m. and he just finished eating at 1 and he falls asleep after 15 minutes and I have one eye open and am starting to resemble a bobble head as I try to stay just awake enough to feed him, I think, he can't be THAT hungry. And then I just sneak him back into his crib.}

And it always backfires.
Because guess what, then he wakes up again after an hour and a half and eats again for 15 minutes and it begins this endless cycle of only eating a little and, consequently, only sleeping a little.

And after nights like that, we have days like today.

Days like today consist of lots of cuddling, plenty of naps, no makeup, feeling groggy, staying in and hiding from the cold all day long, slippers, skipping the laundry folding, and not even minding one bit.
Rough life, huh? :)

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