Sunday, April 14, 2013

Milo's Adventures

Doctor says don't take baby out for about 6 weeks.
Momma says, I'm bored of sitting around inside so we are going to go on walks and the store all the time. Plus I'm pretty sure 4 weeks and 2 days is close enough to 6 weeks to take him to church, mostly because I couldn't wait any longer to show him off!
He was clearly thrilled about his outfit.

Momma and dad had a ball showing him off and cuddling him the whole time!

He also loves going walking/jogging in our amazing stroller
Going on dates with the Fam:
And the occasional stroll in the baby carrier which he fits great in :)
And please appreciate the adorable carseat cover my mom made!

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  1. Is that a Baby Trend jogger? That's what we have, but I'm thinking of getting a new one for this baby. Would you recommend it?