Thursday, December 27, 2012

Movie Time

Last week, I finally saw Titanic.
I tried watching it once when I was 12 and got too depressed when the little kid got carried away by the water. 
You know those movies that are so good/moving/intriguing that you think about them for days afterward?
This is totally one of them. It's been in my head for a week! I loved it.

A few weeks before that, it was Warrior. Oh my gosh- so good.
A Beautiful Mind and The Guardian always do the same thing, along with a select few others.
And I have to say- I'm REALLY looking forward to Les Mis! I have a good feeling about that one.

Books do the same thing. Right now I'm caught up in Sarah's Key and I'm completely devouring it. I love it when I find a book like that where I don't have to force myself to finish reading it.
Needless to say, I'm LOVING this vacation time to read and watch movies and just hang out! It's perfect and just what I needed- I seriously cannot stop sleeping these days! Just give me a good book or movie and let me curl up by the space heater and my life is made!

By the way, feel free to tell me all your favorite books and movies, because we all know it's a sad day when you finish a good one!


  1. One of the last good books I read was called The Weird Sisters. It was kind of an everyday sort of book, but well written, and lots of fun character development and sweet storyline. Sarah's Key looks neat!

  2. I would love to watch the Titanic again, especially after all these years. When I was a kid I would watch it over and over and over because I had the biggest crush on Leonardo DiCaprio :D