Sunday, December 16, 2012

25 Weeks

Yes- I realize I wrote 24 weeks on the chalkboard, but really I took these an hour ago and I'm almost 26 weeks. Oops.
 This week has been characterized by:
-Bloody noses (weird)
-Kicks and kicks and kicks and flips and dance parties and gymnastics!
-Heartburn that leaves me feeling like my insides are on fire basically all day (in addition to the nausea. My intestines love me right now!)
-Being CRAZY thirsty all the time
-Gradually switching to more power walking and less jogging
-Being told I'm starting to waddle (attractive!)
 -Finding my first stretch mark, which may have actually just been a line from the seam of my clothes because I haven't located it since. But I'm pretty sure I'm going to get stretch marks anyways. Eh. Victory scars!
-Playing "kick daddy" every night. So fun!
-Headaches all the time.
-... remedied by naps all the time!
Otherwise, just stretching and stretching. Whew!
Also plenty of daydreaming about cuddling and squishing my little guy ALL DAY EVERY DAY!
Oh how I LOVE my little buddy!

And we can't wait to go to LAS VEGAS this week for Christmas!!! :) Party at Trevor's house!!!

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  1. I definitely remember having horrible heart burn.. which was spurred on by all of the orange kool-aid I was craving haha!
    That's so awesome that you guys are going to Las Vegas for a week!! Yay!