Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Snapshots of Our Days

Milo had his first puddle jumping experience the other day. This little boy was in Heaven!
 Yesterday Milo had a little runny nose, so we stayed close to home for the morning. We ventured over to the park across the street before it got too hot like we usually do.  Milo ate lots of rocks like he usually does.

Those blue eyes could kill me!
 My happy little jungle boy in his element.
Naptime lasted almost a whopping 4 hours, followed by filming a house, picking a birthday present for Aunt Sarah, picking up his sippy cup we left at a friend's house on Sunday, snuggling, and more playing. He's so much less stuffy already this morning. It always makes me happy when he's under the weather and can get a good nap. Those things are miracle workers!

Business as usual over here... just how I like it.

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