Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Dream Days

Milo is getting very sophisticated. Gone are the days of simply moving toys around all day. We have moved on to bigger and better things, such as lining up hot wheels and pushing them all at once from the back accompanied by a vrooom sound with extra gusto, coloring with crayons and also eating them, and playing with ABC magnets (and getting confused because the stick to the door but not the toy chest, the dishwasher but not the cabinets, the fridge but not the wall, etc). We play outside and bring our ball because we don't just sit in the swings anymore. We like to shoot hoops now. And go down the slide. 
He likes to be involved in everything. He doesn't just want pieces of my apple, he wants to take a bite out of the whole thing like me. He knows that the microwave is where some of his favorite things go to die (at least for a minute or two). He knows his animals need loves. He makes growling noises at all the dogs and bugs and lizards. He could play legos all day long, build block towers forever, and don't even get me started on stacking cups and knocking them over. 
Waiting for his mac and cheese to cool. The anguish!
My little munch is getting big, but then again, he's still so little. His imagination is blooming and he says "bye bye" and "amen" when we pray. He sings little songs and lays his head on my shoulder to sing "you are my sunshine" every night. These are really the dream days. 

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