Saturday, August 30, 2014

Being Their Champion

I was thinking the other day about how important it is for every person to have someone championing for their best interest. Nobody has very many of those people, and too many people don't have one at all. But us lucky ones have at least one person who is fully invested in us and our happiness, all day, every day. I think that's one of my favorite parts of motherhood. I get to be that person for my Milo, and I can rest peacefully knowing that he has someone fighting for him, praying for him, working for him, taking care of him, and loving him no matter what kind of day we've had. He's so little and so sweet and he needs someone to be unconditionally on his side and rooting for him.

It's a fact of life that your own children are your favorite. But it should be that way. Milo is my number one, no contest. And he needs that. He needs at least one person to be his person. And have you ever realized it takes a lot of time and energy and effort and emotion to be someone's champion? Think about it. I make sure he's taken care of, the basics. Feeding, baths, clothing- the things that keep him alive and functioning. But then there are so many other things. Playing together, making sure he doesn't get bullied, making sure he isn't being a bully, teaching manners, kissing boo boos, being right there to catch him when he jumps for the stairs... it is seriously a full time job, and one that I wouldn't trade for the world.

And I watch him. I know what he likes and doesn't like. I know what will make him happy, what will scare him, and how to remedy situations where he feels discomfort. I feel when he feels. I know that legos and cars make his world go round. I know him inside and out, and there's no way I could fully root for him if I didn't know his sweet little soul so completely. He is perfect to me.

So glad I get to be momma, and his momma. It sure gives life a whole lot of meaning. How on earth did I get so lucky?

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