Monday, October 14, 2013

I Love October in Texas

It's true. Texas so far is everything I ever wanted in a climate. We are loving keeping the windows open 24/7, going for walks every day, and the fall rain that we've been having. Trevor started mowing lawns in our apartment complex so Milo and I like to go find him in the afternoons. It's fun and we feel sneaky. Also sometimes it's the only way I can get Milo to take a nap in the early evening. This stroller has magic powers!

We also have an awesome little park right across the cul de sac from our apartment. Milo officially LOVES swinging!
This weekend, we did a quick trip up to Dallas to go visit my sister and her family. She is giving me another perfect nephew in about 6 weeks and Milo just can't wait to meet his new BFF.

We love visiting Madison and Jaxon at school for lunch:
 And Colton is always happy when his favorite uncle Jungle Gym comes to town:
Of course we had to hit up the pumpkin patch for Milo's first Halloween season...

 And we went to a Dallas soccer game. The best part was gabbing with my sister the whole time. You'd think we don't spend an hour on the phone almost every day... 
 Also, Sarah found us a crib and changing table at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Milo is officially graduating from his pack and play!!! We love it!!! So worth driving back from Dallas criss cross in the front seat jammed against a crib!

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  1. awe! We love you! And we love Milo!!! Come back soon! Can't wait for out babies to play :)