Friday, September 27, 2013

iPhone Update

Let's begin with a super special view of what playing with daddy looks like. I'm pretty sure I gave birth so that Trevor and Milo could entertain each other with fart noises and funny faces:
 Faking like Milo can sit in a cart. He conveniently balanced like this for about .3 seconds. But he was really happy about it!
 So then he got a whole new view of the world:
 We've started a new bedtime routine. We read books, sing songs, say prayers, and then I nurse him to sleep. I live for these sweetest parts of the day. He LOVES the singing!
 We've been going on lots of walks in the gorgeous fall evenings. And since we're trying to fatten this little one up, we get creative with the bottle holding:
 Oh, and this happened. That would be my baby standing along the side of the treadmill. He just can't wait to be a runner with me. Seriously though Milo, no rush. He is such a little adventurer, that guy!
 He laid like this for, not kidding, 3 minutes the other morning. It's clearly a rough life when you wake up to cuddle and drink milk in the middle of the night multiple times and then have to play all morning.
 These jams glow!!! And he is happy about it :)

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