Friday, June 7, 2013

The Groove

Now that Trevor has started school, we're finally starting to fall into a groove here in our new Texas home.
We're finally moved in and finally on a schedule and it feels so good.
Milo is sleeping so much better- at night and during the day! Milo sleeping well= WAY less fussy= not needing to be held all. day. long= happy family (and clean house- seriously- ever tried vacuuming while holding an infant? I have. It's really easy, not).
Trevor is officially knee deep in Physical Therapy school and comes home telling me about his cadaver dissection classes every day. Ew. I'm still working for a few realtors back in Utah, and trying to expand so I can work for some people here in Texas, too. My job is a dream for being a stay at home mom and it would be a miracle if it can carry us through the next 3 years of PT school!

 Milo has been busy practicing accidentally hitting the little spinner on his bouncy seat and startling himself. 
 He's also trying to expand his repertoire of facial expressions to more than the "bug eye" :)
We're loving it here. Yesterday Milo and I went to the store and about 5 seconds into the produce section, he woke up. Which means I carried him the whole time, which isn't a problem unless you get the worst cart in the world that veers to the right and requires entirely too much physical labor to push down the aisles without hitting everyone and everything. Grr. On the way out to the car, I got a little taste of southern charm when a 9 year old ish boy must have seen how ridiculous I looked trying to push my terrible cart with both hands and balance my baby on one arm and ran up to help me. So sweet.

Also. Not a lot more romantic than standing in the driveway at night watching the lightning in the distance with your man. Until a teeny bug starts buzzing in your ear and ruins the moment. But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

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  1. I remember how thankful I was once I got into a routine with my son - it is definitely a lifesaver! Keep that routine up for as long as you can :D