Saturday, March 2, 2013

Big Things

We definitely had a week of big things around here! I love it when things start to come together all at once. We've been living in a little bit of a limbo phase and waiting on lots of news before we were able to make any concrete plans. This week...

Trevor passed his Athletic Training Board Exam! It was a super hard, really long, $400 test that he was not feeling too confident about. He got his test results back on Tuesday and he's done! All those years of undergrad were officially not just for fun :). Now he can be a certified athletic trainer, which is great! I'm so proud!

We got a spot in the apartment complex we want to live at in San Angelo! It has a dishwasher! Closets! Covered parking! Washer and dryer hookups (and a drain that doesn't flow into a bucket)! 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms! A disposal! Countertops! Cabinets in the kitchen! A pantry! A fridge that's inside the apartment! A covered deck! A pool! 1 story- nobody up or downstairs! A lake 2 football fields away (guess where Milo and I will be setting up camp under the trees all the time)! We are so relieved to be in. Before, we were just hoping and banking on a spot opening up... it's so nice to have it settled and know that we'll have a place to go that we love!

The other thing that's getting big is this baby boy! Holy cow. The doctor said his head is even lower this week, and I believe it. The waddle is out of hand, my back is killing me, and I'm exhausted all. the. time. Up until now, I've done really well keeping up with workouts. The last few days, I just can't do it anymore! I spend a lot of time on my feet (my nesting instinct is manifesting itself in an overwhelming desire to shop) and walking around, so I'm still getting in plenty of movement. But honestly, any time spent on my feet puts me into consistent contractions, so I think I'm OK with walking being the extent of my exercise for the next few weeks! 

It's finally MARCH! My due date is 24 days away and we are SO excited. My big fear is that I won't realize when I'm in true labor and that I'll wait too long (every time I get my non stress tests, the doctors are surprised that I'm not feeling my contractions- on the monitor, they show as strong as true labor contractions and are relatively regular and long). Luckily the hospital is only about a 15 minute drive away. I have started to have more that actually radiate through my back though, and make it a little hard to walk. So hopefully that will tip me off a little bit :). If labor is anything like the movies, I think it will probably be pretty hard to miss... right?! Plus, I don't see myself being one of those lucky girls that just pops the baby out. I've been crazy sick this whole pregnancy and am not anticipating the delivery part suddenly getting easy!

Today, I'm going to (finally) commit to a stroller and carseat and get my bag packed for the hospital. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and thinking 1. I hope I don't go into labor right now because I'm really tired and I just want to go back to sleep and 2. I have absolutely nothing ready if I WERE to go into labor right now.

This post is getting wordy, and I have no cool pictures, so I'm calling it good. But things are getting very exciting around the Hansen home these days!


  1. I sure know that "passed my expensive test" feeling! Definitely counts as a big thing.

  2. I'm SO EXCITED for baby to come! Pictures pictures pictures! Oh my goodness golly gee.