Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reunions and River Walks

Once upon a time, I had the best roommates ever.
This is us 4 years ago right after we moved in together. 
It was seriously a party every day.
Same year, next semester:

The next year, I got married.
The year after that, Stephanie went on a mission.
Then Bridget went on a mission.
Then Stephanie came home.
Then Bridget came home.
Then Kelli got married.

And THEN, after at least 2 years of us not being all together, we reunited!
 And it was so good.
I love these girls!

On another note.
This Sunday, Trevor and I went walking along the Provo river. I loved it. It made me feel like I was back home, minus the lightning bugs, thunder in the distance, humidity, cicadas, and a few other important things. We will definitely be back.
 Isn't he cute???

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  1. This is so cute; you girls look amazo - isn't the best to look back and see how everyones changed. Yay for reuniting :)