Sunday, September 30, 2012


Vavavoom- behold the lemon baby! My sister said she feels like I'm giving birth to a fruit basket. Hahaha. P.S. does anyone else feel like last week's fruit (peach) is generally bigger than a lemon?
 I'm living off Raspberry Sherbet. 3 for $5 at Smith's, and it is soo good. Finally found something that soothes my stomach before I fall asleep. Baby agrees.

Good news: trimester 2 has brought renewed energy. SO wonderful. Unfortunately the sickness is still rampant, but not being so bone tired is making a huge difference. The other thing that's making me survive? Working on my own time!!! LOVING that.

I'm living in elastic waistband jeggings. Best. Invention. EVER! Also, leggings with flowy shirts. And boots. And sweaters. Being pregnant in the fall is awesome. I'm REALLY hoping to get get through as much of this pregnancy as possible without buying maternity jeans. I'll totally do the hair tie button thing, and the big giant elastic belly bands that you can wear with unbuttoned jeans. Be honest, all you ladies who have been pregnant... how long can this realistically last with jeans I already have?

Oh, and TMI, but my lady tots have gotten gigantic. It's seriously like a whole new world around here.

We're loving talking baby names, guessing if we're having a boy or a girl (probably won't find out until mid November because my obgyn does that ultrasound around 20 weeks), and daydreaming about life with a little one. I get so overly excited every time I see a baby. They are so warm and tiny and perfect!!!

Still running for 2... and still loving my tiny running buddy. As much as I have to force myself to get up and go, the endorphins do wonders for my crazy lady mood. It also suppresses the nausea just for a little while, which makes it worth it.

Speaking of all the crazy... I literally feel like I'm a 15 year old moody teenager trapped in a 22 year old pregnant lady's body. I have never been so happy in my life. And I have never cried so much in my life. I think I'm going bananas. Don't judge me for the following stories:

Last week, I hit my head, elbows, and knees on SERIOUSLY everything. And dropped everything. I'm completely clumsy and I'm blaming pregnancy, even though I'm probably just like that. However, I am blaming the hormones for the tears that came after hitting my head ONCE again. It was the last straw, people! Enough with the bruises!!!

A few days ago, I was throwing a bag in the trash cans outside our house. Accidentally dropped my keys in. Typical. Arms were too short to reach my keys. Typical. After wrestling with the trash can outside my apartment for way too long, I finally fished my keys out. Trash juice got on my hand. The smell made me puke. Later that night, I told Trevor the whole story and bawled through the whole thing. "It was just so gross! Trash juice!"

I'm ridiculous.

 My husband is magical. The fact that he is dealing with me and loving me like always blows my mind. There are some things you'll never know about your husband until you go through it with them. I REALLY scored with this one, especially in the crazy pregnant wife department. He's my hero. He digs out the knots in my shoulders every day, hugs me when I'm getting crazy, does the dishes, tells me I'm pretty and that he's proud of me for working so hard... all the important things. Love him.

Otherwise, we're getting SO excited for Garrett's wedding next week and all the family coming into town! We're ready to party like it's 1999.


  1. I didn't want pregger jeans but when I finally gave in, it was heavenly!! So much better and less tight on my belly! You'll also like the for a few weeks postpartum until you can fit back into your other jeans again. And the tots are just going to keep on growing!! Its awesome! ;-)

  2. I love all this so much!! I'm so glad everything is going well!!

  3. that first picture is pretty fantastic. :D 'fruit basket' baby is well loved already, i can tell!

  4. Pregger jeans are nice and comfy instead of digging in when you get to that point.

    And as for the lemons being larger than a peach. Grocery store lemons are small, the lemons my dad grows are bigger than peaches.

  5. You look amazing!!! I think I made it all the way through my first pregnancy without buying any maternity jeans! I used both of your tricks, and then just went and bought a couple pairs of regular jeans in a size up. My belly sat so high, though, that I was able to wear my pants underneath my belly. The way you are looking so far- you may not need to wear any maternity clothes! You are looking great!