Sunday, March 20, 2011

Me N' My Buddy

I have this friend, his name is Trevor.
We do everything together.
It helps being married to him.
It makes hanging out a lot easier.
He's already there when I wake up,
and even though we sometimes have to split during the day,
he's always there at the end, too.
And in between,
there are plenty of funny messages of love,
phone calls,
and secret rendezvous.
Usually (okay, always) Trevor wakes up before me.
But he always kisses me goodbye before he leaves for the day.
Usually (... always) Trevor falls asleep before me.
But I'm always right next to him reading or something,
so I can hear an endearing snore or two from him before I fall asleep.
He's always with me at parties and family gatherings,
and that makes life way more fun.
There are a million inside jokes in our world,
and they keep life a lot more funny.
It's like a secret language.
Sometimes we get to walk to class together.
And whenever we watch movies,
I always have my favorite person to cuddle up to.
I can talk him into just about anything,
... but let's face it, so can he.
And he sure keeps me on my toes.
Whenever something good/bad/funny/irritating happens in my day,
he's the one I can't wait to tell about it.
And he never tells me I'm weird.
Because, let's face it, as Trevor told me once,
he's glad there was another alien out there in the world.

{We went to a wedding reception this weekend}

It was a good weekend.
Game night
wedding reception
movie night
lazy Sunday
the end.

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  1. This was such a cute post. you guys are too adorable!