Wednesday, March 16, 2011

580 Miles

Goal #1 (pertaining to this post) after getting married: Be a hott wife.

Goal #2 (again, pertaining to this post) after getting married: Get a hobby so that I don't distract Trevor all day long. (Seeing as how I had spent the last over-a-year writing to him, talking about him, talking to him on the phone, planning a wedding, driving to visit him, having him visit me, etc. I found my time suddenly much more free as I had to let him study at least for a little while every day :))

So one day, I started running.

I'd run before, on and off. I started when I would go with my sister sometimes, and then on my own after she moved out. But mid-February of last year, I started up again and I kept going 5 or 6 times a week. Eventually, it got past the point of being a painful experience and turned into something I love about every day.

This is why I love it:
I get 55 minutes a day of me time. Where I can think about whatever I want.
I can go as long or short, or as fast or slow as I feel like.
I start off my day nice and sweaty and feel great all day after.
It's a good workout, but not [overly] painful.
I do at least one productive thing every day.
I'm being healthy.

Someday, I won't be free to run as long and as far as I want every day.
I'll have kids to run around after,
more responsibilities,
and less time to myself.
But for now, I'm soaking it in.

In November, my brother got me a Nike + sensor to put in my shoe and hook up to my ipod. It tracks how far I go, how long it takes me, calories burned, and pace. Since November 26, 2010, I have run 580 miles... and counting. And I don't mean to brag, but I'm kind of proud of it. :) 

On another note... life :)
Trevor's study spot, his old man rocking chair. I think it's adorable. He probably isn't having that much fun.

He only looks that way because of the studying part. I promise...

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