Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scary Thursday

1. Please bless that Milo will be happy today. I can hear him talking in his crib. He's not yelling. This is a good sign. Also, it's 8:45 which is fantastic because he slept in for a full hour. Is it normal to be a little bit afraid of your toddler sometimes?
Yesterday was soo fun. 
2. Trevor has a super intense final today. I may not be the student in this relationship, but we all feel the stress and pressure of school. If all goes well, we're staring at 5 weeks of having Trevor all to ourselves, and I can hardly wait.
I'm such a good study buddy.
3. Yesterday I drove through a herd (pack? Fleet?) of wild turkeys and deer. And I'm also almost positive I saw an alpaca. Who knew West Texas was so exotic?

4. Oh, and for funsies, let's throw in surgery next Thursday. Eeek. But if being put to sleep this time is anything like when I had my wisdom teeth out... that was kind of fun. Silver lining!

So much anxiety happening this morning! Milo and I should probably go shopping. Trevor: just kidding don't worry. I don't even like shopping.

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