Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Milo's Latest

-Loves to do a huge cheesy smile
-Runs everywhere
-Favorite toys are legos, dump truck, hot wheels, and his lion
-21 lbs, 21% for weight and 6% for height- I love my shrimpy babe :)
-Loves playing peek a boo and sneaking around
-Says "mama" and points anytime he wants something (even if I'm not there) (So obviously we have some good word associations going on here)
-Says "baba" in a lot of situations, so I'm still trying to pin that one down
-Finally eating table food better
-Trying to wean from a bottle but it's proving a bit difficult
-Good at sippy cups finally!
-Loves swimming and water
-Always wants to play outside
-Loves dogs

OH this boy is happy. He is a little ray of sunshine. It is seriously heaven around here every day. I want to scoop him up and bottle this age forever. Turns out even though I'm in mourning for infant Milo, budding toddler Milo is just as wonderful in different ways. So far every age is my favorite and he just cycles through funny and cute things. Plus he thinks it's funny when I kiss attack his cheeks so I'll take that any day!

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