Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Updates

Milo loves playing cars, and he always includes sound effects. He has hot wheels and trucks that he drives around all day every day, and he does a little throaty mmmm sound the whole time.
He says "uh-oh", but instead of actually saying it, he just hums it. "hmm-hmmm" and he does it at all the right times!

He loves wearing his shoes. Anytime he sees his shoes when he's playing, he hands them to me to put them on and wears them all day.
He likes to bring us books and plop down in our laps while he flips through the pages. He has no time to let us read the story, but I'll take him sitting in my lap anytime!
He LOVES swimming. San Angelo is the perfect place to swim because it's hot, and he's in heaven. Yesterday we swam for like 3 hours!
He's pretty good in church these days! If we trap him in the pew or back row with enough toys, between the two of us we can keep him wrangled :).

He likes to scrunch up his face and do a huge cheesy smile and twist his head back and forth... I'm sure that doesn't make sense, but I don't want to forget how he does that. It's the cutest thing.
He loves his dump truck. He sits on it and rides it, or pushes it around the apartment, and it melts me.

He likes to walk backwards and spin.

He knows "where's your nose", "where's your tummy", and "where's your ears". My favorite!

He's finally catching on to how to be still (ish) during a diaper change. It was pretty intense there for a while, and I think he's realized that if he lets me change his diaper, he can go back and play faster!

He likes to dunk his basketball in the hoop. It's pretty impressive! Trevor is especially excited about this :).

He loves pizza like his daddy. Trevor couldn't be more proud.
When he's around lots of people, he hides by my leg and holds on. It's darling. Or he keeps a distance and just points at people, not letting them get TOO close or he will run!

I fall more in love with this boy every day. Just when I think my heart will explode, it just grows. He is all my dreams come true and I absolutely love that I get him forever and he's mine and I'm his and it is a good, good life. Sorry for the mush, but when you're obsessed with a little munchkin, it can't be helped.
Other news: I passed my real estate exam this week! Woohoo!!!
I turned 24!
Trevor gets the next 7 weeks off school!

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