Monday, January 27, 2014


The munch:
We officially have a walking Milo in the house! He is so tricky! I am so proud! Also this means lots and lots of climbing. He likes to pop right up on the couch with me. He is QUICK!
He also loves playing chase. There is clearly nothing funnier than your mom crawling around the room coming to get you. Playing tag with Milo is way more fun than it ever was in elementary school.
Milo is truly a child after my own heart. He loves marshmallows. Sweet tooth friends unite! For some reason I think it's really cute watching a tiny little boy eat tiny little marshmallows. Also I'm always really happy when I figure out something that he will actually eat (that is actually supposed to be eaten, because he has no qualms when it comes to eating things that aren't edible). Hopefully someday he will graduate past puffed sugar.
Milo is the king of squirming. IE cuddle moments happen very once in a blue moon, and diaper changes leave me feeling like I just left a boxing match and got beat by someone very tiny. Usually I put his diaper on with him standing or flipped over. I think we all know who is usually in control during diaper changes. I'll give you a hint, it's not me. However, I have discovered that if I let him stand on the changing table and turn the light switch on and off while I dress him, we can really get somewhere! Like in pants! And it's not precarious at all!
If you're ever hoping to win Milo's heart, give him a container of some type and some stuff to put in it. Regardless of if it fits or not. He will be entertained for days. If you want bonus points, be sure to include a cardboard box. Instant love.
Right now we're working on learning how to wave, blow kisses, and say "ball". Normally when I do any of the above, he just looks at me and laughs. So I'll keep you posted on that progress.
 He is such a good helper. Today we went out and ran some errands for work. He helped me take pictures and fell asleep on the way home. We work pretty hard :).
His other new favorite game is fake feeding me his milk. He thinks it's hilarious. And then I think he's hilarious for thinking it's hilarious. And before you know it, it's giggle fest 2014 and he gets out of eating again. Sneaky, sneaky. He also likes it when I eat his fingers during singing time. So that gets us nice and riled up right before bed. Worth it.
 This boy. Is so handsome and sweet and funny and happy. And I can't get enough of his little cheeks and toes. YUM.

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