Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dallas and A Babe

We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving with my sister, who was 9 months pregnant, so let's be honest, we were much more anxious for that baby than the turkey :). But let's all be clear that Sarah did SUCH a good job keeping up Thanksgiving tradition for us all! She's such a good big sister/mom/human. I love her. 9 months pregnant and making apple turkey crafts with her kids, I mean come on! Superwoman.

As it turns out, baby Hudson wanted to stay in just a little longer, and decided to come Monday after we left. But we forgive him for waiting because he looks like this:
Introducing my perfect new nephew, Hudson Conrad Wise. We love each other.

Thanksgiving was so fun. Like I said, Sarah has a knack for keeping things special and remembering the details. If Thanksgiving were at my house, we'd skip the turkey and eat stuffing and pie and cranberry sauce and rolls and call it good. And even though she was kind of miserable and very pregnant, she put on her brave face and partied with us all weekend. Lots of movies, games, bowling, and food. We are so glad we live close to them so we can spend holidays like this together!

Cuddling with Colton

Milo and Daddy

Me and Mr. Handsome

Our little fam :)

Bowling! Those black lights do crazy things.

My funny little munch.

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