Monday, December 23, 2013

275 Pictures

We are LOVING having Trevor home for a few weeks! It's been a perfect combination of being able to get tons done and getting absolutely nothing done at the same time.

Milo is officially 9 months!
He has the 2 cutest teeth you've ever seen
he has 3 distinct laughs (none of which are normal laughs)
he's ticklish on his thighs, under his chin, and on his feet
He's just breaking the 16 lb. barrier and is 26 inches long. This boy likes to hover around the 1-5 percentiles for height and weight. He is a little munch and WILL YOU PLEASE drink your milk child!!!
He loves blowing spit bubbles and when he blows his bubbles, he means business.

Waiting at the Doctor's office

He LOVES these chairs!

And unfortunately, after pulling one down on himself, they are back in the closet for the time being.

Climbing on mom

Just hanging

And getting attacked by mom

We met baby Hudson!

He is so darling.

Milo loves his new cousin

And all of his Wise cousins!

Madi and I were twins

And Milo just kills me.


And we are LOVING that Christmas in Texas means 50-60 degrees outside! Holler!

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