Monday, January 7, 2013

All Our Stuff is Breaking.

Sometimes when it's 0 degrees outside, nothing wants to work any more.

Such as the washing machine, which I filled with clothes and liquid soap only to find that it wouldn't start because it was too frozen. Then, I finally got it to fill with water and stop again (and make our shed smell slightly smokey... so comforting). I love it when I have soapy, sopping clothes just waiting to freeze in my washer! Luckily after a couple hours and a lot of praying, it finally started again. Hallelujah- SO was not wanting to wash the laundry in the bathtub!
This is our super ghetto laundry setup. The washer is out in the back shed and it drains into a bucket that Trevor then dumps outside. Hey- it cleans the laundry. Priorities!
Saturday night on the way to Target, Trevor and I heard a sudden unsettling noise and quickly realized that the windshield had a brand new 2-foot crack across the middle. Extreme cold + the defroster is apparently a recipe for disaster.

Today, our poor car won't start. I'm crossing every finger and toe I have hoping that it's just too cold. Time will tell... for now I'm just waiting for the sun to move enough to hit it and warm it up!

I have, however, been making some killer snow slushies all week. Yes, I'm the weird girl waddling out into the night scooping snow into my mug. Apparently I'm iron deficient, I learned this week, which explains my constant ice craving. But I LOVE me a good snow slushy (1 mug of snow + a little squirt of that Gatorade Mio liquid stuff- except we use the Kroger off brand which is awesome- and you're in snow slushy heaven!)! Just make sure you eat it in your bed. Under your heated blanket. Or you will die.
In the meantime, I'm getting some work done from home (can't you tell by the fact that I'm blogging right now?) while I sit on my back massaging heating pad that Trevor got me for our anniversary. Pregnant lady heaven!


  1. One of the downfalls to living in Phoenix is that I won't be able to enjoy your snow slushy recipe. BOO!

  2. Sorry it's so cold!!! Our last winter our car wouldn't start cause the cold had completely killed our battery. Do the same guys still live in back? They have an awesome battery charger that just hooks straight on without having to use cables. The nice one with the lighter beard owns it :)

  3. That snow slushie looks $$$$ even though it's freezing in the office, as usual. I hope you're car starts soon!! You need to be here for Tuesday lunch day!!

  4. You poor thing! Your laundry setup is awesome haha