Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Tis the Season!

I'm officially feeling the "holiday spirit" already, and I love it. I feel it much last year what with certain events...
And holiday spirit is not something that can be forced.
In fact, there have been other years where I didn't feel it as much either.
But this year, it's holiday time and it feels like it.

So this week:
I'm putting up a Christmas tree! Yes, it's early, but I want it to be up already when we get home from Thanksgiving break and before we leave for Christmas to Las Vegas. And yes, I will most likely listen to Christmas music the whole time. 

And along with Christmas tree comes our few various other Christmas decorations (basically all given to us for our wedding, including stockings and a nativity scene). And perhaps some paper snowflakes? I might get a little crafty... 

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS are goin' up!!

Also, I got a holiday-smelling candle (vanilla, because it's the closest wintery smelling candle Trevor would accept without saying, "that kind of makes me want to throw up").

I'm finishing Christmas shopping for my side of the family because we are celebrating Christmas over Thanksgiving break .

Trevor is turning 23 on Thursday!!!!! Last night we had a little family party at our house with Trevor's brother Kyle, his wife Whitney, and my brother Garrett. Thursday he gets to open his presents from me. And Sunday we are having a Trevor birthday cake at Sarah's. I LOOVEEEE birthdays!!! 

And the main event of the week: WE LEAVE FOR TEXAS ON FRIDAY!!!! Unfortunately we will not arrive until Saturday evening ish due to a 20+ hour drive (ew). But I keep telling myself it might be fun driving across the country because Trevor will be there with me this time? 

I can't remember the last time I felt this Christmasy. I'm thinking it probably has something to do with the fact that I feel more "at home" in college than I ever have now that I'm married. And it's our first Christmas, so I'm feeling very "tradition" oriented I think. And I have my Trevor to enjoy it all with me, which I couldn't be more excited about :). I love, love this time of year and all the family!

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