Monday, November 29, 2010

Texas, Elk, and Layered Jell-o

Oh what a glorious week away!

Our vacation to Texas began with a 20 hour car ride to Texas through windy Colorado mountains with deer and elk ALL OVER the place!! Uh- SCARY! I felt like we were tromping through uncharted territory with 2-lane freeways and no civilization to be found. It's a strange feeling.

We LOVED our trip. A few highlights:
Some much needed sister time!
So. Much. Food. (Including the best puppy chow I've ever made).
Warm Dallas weather
Running a 5K with Sarah
Thanksgiving shopping... cooking... dinner... leftovers...
Pedicures (manicure for me- my feet are ticklish and nobody sees my feet in the winter in Provo!)
Mario Kart
Family pictures
Quality family time with everyone, which I love
Mom and Dad's 50th birthday celebrations
Playing with Madison, Jaxon, and baby Colton!!!
Christmas with my side of the family (we will be in Las Vegas for Christmas with Trev's family)
Time to just RELAX
Colton's baby blessing
NOT going to school or work :)
Football for the boys
Ping Pong

Classic Porter family vacation! I was definitely not ready to leave... I always wish I lived closer to my sister. But we left with good memories and plans to see each other again in not too long, which makes it better. Also- 3 weeks until we are on our way for Christmas vacay!


  1. Love your family pictures! Everyone looks great! We really miss you guys! I'm glad it was a great week!

  2. It was such a great trip. We love you all.

    Love, Mom